[Melb] Chris’ Club House R10 08-07-11: Special Fundraiser- Shadowloo for EVO!

Hi guys. I generally try not to post my CCH stuff here, but I figured this event definitely warrants a post.

This is going to be a special fundraiser event for the Shadowloo guys to go to EVO. As you know, the whole SS crew had plans to go to EVO this year, but SS kind of skuppered their plans financially.

All the SS guys have done so much for the community, putting in thousands and thousands of their own dollars into the event, and burning out their own bodies in the process. (Ali blacked out once in the airport.)

The least we can do is try to support them in whatever way we can.

All the venue money for this event is going to go to the SS EVO fund. We are going to have door prizes, food and drink as well.

Remember guys, sending these guys over will do a lot of good for our community. Building business relationships with the Americans, solidifying the great base that Dave/Bosslogic has done with all his good work. I’m sure Ali will do a lot of media work there as well.

Also, send donations through paypal:

See you all there!

CCH: Fighting Game Meet Up and Ranked Battles R10 Details
When Friday, July 8th
Sign ups start: 6:00pm
Tournament starts 8:15pm
Where 11 Stanton St, Abbotsford. (See map below)
Fee $10 per player. This will go towards improving the fighting game scene in Australia. Each tournament played is $1 by in which will go towards the pot for the top 2.
Prizes Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.
Tournament Format/Rules Casual play: It’s “Winner Stays On”, so it gives everyone a chance to play.
Tournament: Best of 3 Rounds, Best of 3 Games. Double elimination.
Top 4 will be seeded. Random seeding thereafter.
Winner can NOT change character, but can change Ultra.
Loser can change character and Ultra.
Titltes Being Played Super Street Fighter IV
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Recommended Parking Should be plenty of parking at Collingwood train station.
BYO Screens, Xbox’s, PS3′s, Sticks are all appreciated, even if they go unused. The more the merrier.

 Link to map:


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