Why I should switch

Ryu vs Sim: 21 minutes.

Yun vs Sim: 4 minutes.

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6 Responses to Why I should switch

  1. ask yourself why you play this game?? ryu did not get nerfed as badly as some characters he is still very strong imo you just have to be a very good ryu to do well. When i stuck to sagat i had so much problems and salt. but the more i tried the more i realised i love the character and it made me use more of the characters potential. i still use ryu alot and i dont even main him. yun is not as satisfying to win with as ryu would be. i enjoy sagat way more from vanilla as if i lost in vanilla it felt real bad because i know that i shouldnt lose. but when i win in super or ae i know that i outplayed the other guy. if you play to simply win then pick the top tier but if you play for the love of the game then i would suggest sticking to ryu.

    • muttonhead says:

      I know, I know Heavy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be dropping Ryu at all. Just pointing out the ridiculousness of the match.

      • yea we all know how bullshit he is bro. but i have a feeling he is going to get nerfed i just hope that capcom nerfs fei yang and makoto as well as yun because then the game will be really exciting and fair.

        • muttonhead says:

          I don’t understand a lot of the balance changes Capcom made for AE and would love a rebalance, but at the same time I definitely wouldn’t like to see a disparity between the console version of AE and at the arcades…

  2. waterfall says:

    Would choosing Cammy vs Sim have the same effect? ie. Can Cammy beat Sim in 4 min?

    Wait.. I misread. It’s Yun vs Sim, not Yang.

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