Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 15: Gootecks and Mike Ross

Hi guys, Shadowloo Showdown 2K11 has finally come and gone. And Spider Muttons Productions © 2010 are back with our solitary Shadowloo Showdown 2k11 interview.

Our guests this time are none other than Cross Counter/Complexity’s own Gootecks and Mike Ross.

Gootecks is someone who Igor and I have looked up to for a long time as a Street Fighter media/business trailblazer since the days of the Denjin podcast, and of course Mike Ross is simply the most handsome man in America.

A bit of sad news; due to work related issues, Igor has had to take a step back from the fighting game community, and that also means we have to shut down the podcast for now. He will still be going to EVO and will be doing interviews and updates from there, so follow him at his new twitter account:!/Verbosemute

Hopefully things will go well for my buddy in real life, and we will be able to continue this series in the future. But if not, what better way to go out than with this double bill of international SFIV superstars that is Gootecks and Mike.

Big thanks to Ryan and Mike for doing this with us; they were extremely tired and run down by the end of the day but yet found the strength to squeeze in this hour with us. Igor and I really appreciate it guys. Also, thanks to Bosslogic for another fantastic banner.

Before we start the podcast, I want to give a shoutouts to everyone who made Shadowloo Showdown a success, it was a real community effort. And I personally apologise for not making more effort to make the rounds and to talk to people like I usually do, the whole week really wore me out.

So guys, be sure to check out the full results for SS 2k11 here.

Watch match videos from the tournament at their YouTube channel.

And finally for the matches that you missed, check out the stream archive.

And of course, check out Mike and Ryan over at the Cross Counter channel and subscribe if you’re a fan.

Alright, as usual this is a two-part interview, we have the audio podcast available for download, and if you prefer you can just read the transcript of the interview below.

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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 15: Gootecks and Mike Ross

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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 15: Gootecks and Mike Ross

Spidercarnage: Okay, welcome everyone.

Today we are in the CQ hotel. It’s Shadowloo Showdown…God knows what day. But this is near the end of the event. And we have two very special guests with us today. All the way from the other side of the world. Definitely the people who follow the fighting game community have heard of these two.

And it’s Mike Ross and Gootecks.

Mike Ross: What’s going on man. Thanks for having us.

Gootecks: What’s up guys.

S: Thank you for coming down.

G: No problem, thank you for having us.

Muttonhead: Alright we’ll just get right into it, because they need to sleep!

S: It is quite late, yeah. (It is past 1 AM and they have an  8 AM flight.)

1-      M: Yeah. So who came up with the idea of Crosscounter?

MR: That would be the man known as Gootecks.

G: Yeah um, we were fortunate enough to run into Machinima. Basically walked right into their offices by mistake.

S: Oh really?

G: Not by mistake but by fate! As it were.

And they spotted us, and they were like, hey, wanna do some Super Street Fighter IV videos? This was before Super came out in April of 2010. And we were like sure, that sounds amazing.

So we did some videos for them and over the course of the next several weeks they realized; hey these guys actually know what they’re doing.

MR: And for some reason people actually keep watching these videos.

G: Can’t quite figure out why.

MR: Yeah. So maybe if we bring them on board they might want to work with us.

G: Right.

MR: I guess then they said; hey Gooteckkkss. Come up with something.

G: Yeah. So I was like, hey Mike you wanna do this show?

Which was…what we had in mind from the get go.

They didn’t know about it. We performed Inception on them.

MR: That is correct.

G: Planted the idea in their minds to give us our own show. And that’s how it came about.

M: Awesome.

S: Because I actually remember seeing those videos, those Machima ones where you guys…I think you were playing Dee Jay?

MR: Dee Jay and T. Hawl.

S: Yeah that’s right. Yeah. It’s like..Dee Jay? I’m going to main Dee Jay in this game!

MR: (Laughs.)

G: That was a lie.

M: Is that true? Do you play these characters just… as a lie? Just to raise the hopes of people…

MR: Oh no…

M: …Dee Jay’s playable? Heh.

MR:  No, you gotta keep in mind that was like day one. That was literally day…negative twenty.

G: That was day negative twenty.

MR: And Dee Jay seemed like a viable character. But lo and behold we find out later that he was a horrible character!

S: Thank you for saying that. I’ve been saying that since day 1!

MR: Yeah, he is.

2-      M: So Mike Ross, what is a Gootecks?

MR: What is a Gootecks?

M: Is it the G- spot?

MR: Heheheh. (Shakes head.)

S: I wish we were doing video. You should see the look, the expression on Gooteck’ face.

G: I have not heard that one.

MR: (Laughs.) You know…there are so many Gootecks walking around…

S: (Laughs.)

MR: Nah there is. I almost lost track to find what the definition of a real Gootecks is anymore.

M: So what’s your definition of a Gootecks.

MR: My definition is a person… of great character. (Looking at Gootecks the whole time.)



…Brute strength.


And…a touch of…you know, a tap to his inner child. You know?

Anybody who can maintain those characteristics, I think, is the closest to becoming a Gootecks.

M: A Gootecks.

That is the best answer…

G: That is pretty accurate.

3-      M: Gootecks, when I played casuals with you back in Ali’s house, I noticed you were so serious. You had this look of focus on your face. You almost seemed like a different person. I stuck out my hand to shake your hand.

 You took like three seconds to realize that it was my hand, and then you gave me a great handshake. But it really seems that when you play Street Fighter you go into this different zone. Where are you in your mind when you play Street Fighter?

G: I’m…in the game.

M: In the game! You’re in the game.

G: Yeah.

Mike knows what he's talking about...

(Check out more of Mike “Zatransis” Henry’s work at or on deviantart!)

MR: You guys think it’s a 2D game but what he’s playing is actual…3D surround things going on. When he’s at the lava stage he’s afraid he might get burned!

G: That’s right.

When I’m at the lava stage I think about Episode III of Star Wars.

M & S: (Laughs.)

G:  I think about how I was the Chosen One.

But yeah, now when I play, it’s serious business you know.

Down here one of the things I’ve picked up is the idea of playing a…social character.

Which we would call in the States…

M: Sandbagging?

G: Yeah, your secondary or third character of whatever.

This is a foreign concept to me.

M: You only play your main all the time.

G: Mm. It’s not that I only play my main all the time. I playing to win the whole time. Like, this is not fun.

I mean, it’s fun to an extent, but like, it’s basically always serious business.

M: It’s business.

G: Especially when I watch other people play and they’re like laughing and talking. When I play I never really…have that feeling.

Like Mike does. Like you watch Mike play and Mike is having fun, having a conversation.

But I don’t know how to do any of that. (Laughs.)

M: But he still has his zone. Like, he’ll be laughing and joking but shits gets real…

G: Oh yeah yeah of course…

M: …He goes into his zone. But it’s just that he can transition and it seems like you’re always in there.

G: I don’t have any of that. I don’t know how to do any of that.

S: No social.

G: Yeah, I got no social.

I used to play Third Strike. It’s serious business 24/7.

M: Alright. At CCH, I noticed that you would switch your tracks in between rounds right?

Your music track.

G: Oh, it’s not that I switch my track, I just play the same one over and over.

M: Oh so what is it?

S: Eye of the Tiger?

Okay that was lame, I’m sorry.

G: Lately it’s been Derezzed by Daft Punk.

4-      S: Speaking of serious business I just recently watched I Got Next. And at the end of that you were talking about how Street Fighter was your current passion, sort of job. Are you still having fun playing Street Fighter and what you’re currently doing.

G: Yeah I mean, there’s a lot of fun involved. Most of the fun involved comes when me and Mike and working on stuff or we’re chilling out and plotting, figuring out what the next plan of attack is. That’s what I find fun.

Playing the game’s fun I guess but uh…

MR: All I can tell you is the fun for you struck back once AE came out.

G: Oh yeah, yeah. For some reason AE when it first came out, and I was playing in the arcade, I was just winning more with Rose.  Not because Rose was any better and not because I’ve been in the lab practicing. For some reason I was able to win more just doing what I was doing before.

But now yeah I mean it’s fun. Playing is fun. I might be picking up some new characters and that’s fun I guess.

But most of the fun comes from staying ahead of everyone else and figuring out the next things that we’re going to be doing. Because that’s what I think about.

Some people think about frame traps, and counters, and setups and shit like that. I never think about any of that stuff. All I think about is like, all that stuff, but in real life.

M: Plus in I Got Next you said you don’t want to do a 9 to 5 you want to make this your…

S: Your 9 to 5.

G: That’s right. Yeah. Clocking in is not something that I’m a fan of. I’m a fan of building a business.

M: And right now you guys have just got sponsored by Complexity. And you’re all the way across the world in Australia. I mean, do you guys think you’ve accomplished your goal, or that you’re halfway there?

MR: I mean…oh…no!

Halfway…I don’t even think we’re even…

G: God I hope not. If we’re halfway then we’re fucked.

S: (Laughs.)

MR: If we’re halfway there I’mma kill myself right now.

G: If we’re like a tenth of the way there…

M: Then you’re good.

G: If we’re like a twentieth of the way…

MR: I honestly think what I see the potential of us doing…this is the smallest fraction. In the step forward.

I mean, we’ve been doing this since 2008. Hopefully…

G: On a serious level.

MR: Me and Ryan… I can honestly tell that we linked up because we communicated on the wavelength. With only knowing each other for a couple weeks.

G: (Laughs.) It’s true. It’s true.

MR: It’s like we saw the…

M: The big picture.

MR: …Yeah our visions. Were very similar. And I don’t see why we can’t continue doing this stuff until…my face collapses on the next contract I was about to sign. And that’s it. We’re going to have arrange the funeral right after that you know?

S: (Laughs.)

MR: So yeah,  no, we’re not halfway there.

M: So what do you see in the future. Put on your Nostradamus.

S: Your Nostramadus hat.

MR: I can’t say everything. Not because I don’t see it, but just because I don’t want everybody else to  get the ideas right now!

S: And that’s fair enough.

MR: But what I will say is that- as long as the community permits, we’re gonna keep going. You know. As long as the opportunity is there, we’re going to keep going with it.

All we can do is do everything in our power to make sure that things keep going. There’s no reason to go back, move backwards. We’re gonna keep moving forward until we’ve reached the end of the road.

M: That’s why you guys are awake right now. Past midnight, doing a twenty minute interview with…

S: With two unknowns from Australia.

M: …nobodies like us.

Yeah, right.

G: Our goal is growth. You know. Grow as people, grow professionally. Grow financially. That’s the way…that’s the goal. As long as people like what we’re doing…and I don’t mean necessarily mean like us playing.

Because… we can wake up tomorrow and be like; this is not the business anymore.

But what we have is not…I don’t really think it’s dependant on us physically playing games. So I mean, as long as we can continue to come up with cool ideas that people like, and execute them with the resources that we have. Which continue to grow, I mean, all the time.

Then uh, we can still keep on going.

5-      M: So what is the typical day of a Gootecks and Mike Ross?

S: (Laughs.)

M: Like you wake up, what do you guys do? Do you guys go out to the studio or? What do you guys do?

MR: Ooh.

It’s better to not know that answer.

G: Yeah.

MR: It’s really better to not know the answer.

G: I wake up every morning and wonder…

MR: Nonono! See, you’ve already said too much. You’ve already said way too much.

G: You don’t want to hear that.

MR: Nah you guys are just…

M: So it’ll break the myth. The illusion.

G: That’s right.

M: That you guys wake up in a hotel room with a girl on the left…

S: Yeah, the Rolls Royce is parked outside and waiting.

MR: That’s EXACTLY what happens every day when we wake up.

G: That’s exactly…Mmm hmm.

GQ Magazine? Mike Ross IS GQ MAGAZINE!!! - John Rog

MR: Because we don’t wake up looking in the cabinet for some fruit loops or whatever cereal you…

S: No that’s delivered straight…

MR: Right exactly…

M: To your mouth.

MR: Yeah!

M: By a dusky Venezuelan princess.

MR: Exactly.

G: Yeah.

Naw a day in our life is exactly what you think it is. (Gootecks gives me the Look.)

M: You guys should see the look Gootecks just gave me!

MR: (Laughs and claps.)

S: We should have done this as video man!

6-      S: I was thinking about this and…Michael Jordan was the face of the NBA for quite a while. We had Pele as the face of soccer. You two sort of remind as sort of the face of the fighting community. Do you think it’s a fair assessment?

G: Yeah.

I mean…

MR: (Laughs.) Yo, you didn’t hesitate at all to answer that.

G: Well it’s like this, and this is giving away a few secrets.

MR: (Exhales.)

G: If we are the faces, which I think we are. And a lot of people would disagree. But those people are just the ones that don’t pay attention.

The reason that that is. Is because regardless of the fact of how we place in tournaments, even though Mike has been doing very well for himself, none of that shit matters.

S: Mmm.

G: Because what matters is that we show up several times a week in people’s email inboxes. On their Youtube subscriptions, their homepages, on Facebook, on Twitter.

So we’re constantly in people’s heads.

All the time.

Everybody else that I can think of, no matter how great of a player they are. Only shows up, maybe a month.

On a stream.

Therefore they are not in people’s heads all the time like we are. Therefore they are not the faces of Street Fighter.

M: Mm.

S: I’d agree with that.

M: It’s a good thing…

G: Mike’s giving me a look! (Laughs.)

I don’t like that look…


S: But it’s true though.

MR: It’s true? (Giggles.)

S: I spend the majority of my lunch hours either waiting or viewing Marvelous adventures. It’s something like…

It’s really hard to describe. When I go to certain fighting game websites and I find that your show is on. The immediate thing is; I now have something to do over lunchtime.

G: Good. That’s what we aim for.

We try to fill up people’s lunch breaks. I wish we had a counter for the amount of man hours that have been wasted at jobs watching our stuff.

MR: Any minute now, with this plan that Gootecks just mentioned, you guys should be able to purchase your Gootecks condoms at your local store.

S & M: (Laughs.)

M: Yeah I’m looking forward to using it.

MR: He just wants to be on your mind…all day long.

M: Finally I can hit the Gootecks.

S: Yeah!

MR: Gootecks will  be literally getting in that ass!

G: (Laughs and claps.)

7-      M: Mike in a casual chat you had with Spider, you were saying that you don’t like actually people coming up to you and saying they’re fans of yours, you want to be respected more as a player rather than a…

MR:  Well, it’s interesting you mention that but…

I’ve had people tell me to my face. Or online. Like, hey Mike, I’m a big fan.

And whenever I hear that it doesn’t make sense to me.

Because I don’t believe it.

I think they might even be a little bit confused by it because that’s not me. That’s not who I am.

I’m not a person of status or caliber to have fans. That belongs to…nowadays Lady Gaga.

G: Pyshchh.

MR: She has fans. You know? Seriously what I think these people are…what I think are getting something mixed up is that they respect the way I play the game.

Because when I got into it, I respected Viscant, Duc Do, ShadyK, all these dudes. I looked up to all of them as players.

I never considered myself a fan of them. I just realized that they were, at the time, Gods of Marvel. And I liked everything about it. But at the same time, I wanted to make sure that I get myself on a level to body these dudes. I didn’t want to be just some low-rate player.

And I think these people who come up to me and tell me the same thing. I get the feeling that it’s the same mindstake they have.

But I don’t know where the word fan derived from for Street Fighter. I don’t think that’s the right word to use.

M: Is it the same way with you Gootecks?

G: Once there’s enough people paying attention to something, then it’s definitely that fan mentality. The other thing to consider is that while what we do is basically…for a lack of a better word, TV.

Even though it’s on the internet. It’s basically the same idea. You sit down and you watch two guys chit-chat for a while.

Um. I mean, I don’t know. People tell me that they’re fans. I’m flattered, I say thank you. I don’t really care about like any of that stuff…we work hard we’ve been doing this for a long time. If we make you laugh on a consistent basis, then like well, I can see why one might say that!

MR: (Quietly giggles.)

G:I definitely can think of several duos that make all forms of entertainment. And if I saw them I would definitely consider myself a fan. I would consider myself a fan of theirs, so.

8-      S: So who has the best uppercut in Melbourne?

MR: Oooh!

S: Melbourne being the home of the uppercuts.

MR: Yeah, you know, I discovered this only through the mirrormatch because that his uppercuts were that good.

But it would have to belong to Carnage.

Carnage vs Mike, Shadowloo HQ

He definitely has the best uppercut.

G: Is that the Cammy guy?

MR: Yeah.

He’s got the best uppercut, hands down! That’s a given.

G: Yeah. Toxy’s also got a pretty good uppercut.

MR: He’s got some pretty good uppercuts.

S: But he hasn’t got the 50-50 games.

MR: (Laughs.)

S: The comedy.

M: The comedy factor.

MR: Right.

9-      M: So Gootecks, whenever these guys talk about my missus…

G: Talk about what?

M: My girlfriend.

G: Oh your girlfriend!

M: You have this look of utter disgust on your face.

S: There it is!

M: Yeah, there it is right now.

S: (Laughs.)

M: So what is your advice for Street Fighter players and their girlfriends?

G: Well…

MR: Whoa…is there something I’m missing?

G: Yeah you got a set up….

MR: I don’t know what’s going on. I’m sitting here clueless! Please somebody fill me in.

G: Fill Mike in. Fill Mike in.

M: Ah basically, I live with my girlfriend. And she thinks that everything related to Street Fighter should be….burned in hell.


(S & MR crack up.)

G: So what does that mean…in terms of what she tells you to do?

M: Basically…the more Street Fighter I do, the unhappier she gets.

G: So what does that mean…

MR: (Laughs.)

G: …when you’re hanging out playing Street Fighter at the Shadowloo compound.

M: It means that the amount…how much she puts out… is decreased proportionally by the amount of time I spend on this… (Gesturing with my hands.)

 MR: (Cracks up.)

M: By a factor of four.

S: Here is the graph!

MR & G: (Laughs.)

M: Yeah, the graph. You know.

MR: That… is… the… funniest thing…

M: So it’s been a week here right?

So my birthday’s coming up in a few months time so maybe…

MR: Can you imagine…

G: Are you going to play this for her?

M: I try to keep this away from her…prying eyes.

G: Okay.

MR: Can…you imagine…the graph for that?

G: (Laughs.)

MR: The top left…

M: It’s exponential.

MR: Yo, the top left is hours played. Zero at the top.

And the bottom is:


(Everybody cracks up.)

MR: At the bottom…

It’s just a straight declining graph!


Alright, I’m sorry about that.

M: That isn’t funny, that’s reality. (Laughs.)

S: That’s what’s  funny about it!

MR: I’m not laughing at your misfortune. I’m sorry dude.

M: It’s alright, it’s alright.

MR: I’m not going to answer that.

All I’m going to say is…

Actually I will answer.

I’ll say; one creates their own happiness.

M: Or hell.

MR: Or hell.

G: It’s true.

MR: I created my own hell…

A long time ago…(Laughs.)

S: (Quickly) Would you like to elaborate?

MR: No!


Gootecks of course was the one that warned me about it. And I just…whatever…

G: That’s right. We could have been having this interview…

MR: We could have been having this interview two years ago!

But I decided to test my chances…with hell.

And I realized that I was only there because I put myself there.

M: Mm.

G: Yeah I mean.

Not to get too personal, but I was with a girl for an extended period of time. And I would play Third Strike on Friday and Saturday nights. And we would go out on Sunday nights with her friends. Not because like….

Just because it happened to work out that way.

And she never gave me any problems because she knew this was important to me.

Even though this was like years before Street Fighter IV came out. But she… I dunno.

She knew it was important, therefore if it was important to me she’s not going to give me any problems.

Relationships that I’ve had since then. Have been basically pretty similar. Where they would be supportive either because they know, hey, this is basically what I’m doing for real on a higher level.

But also because it’s important and maybe they’re into it in a small way as well.

So the reason that’s funny to me is just because I can’t imagine putting up with somebody who’s going to give me problems to do whatever I wanted to do.

Whether it was playing Street Fighter or being the best at Bass Fishing or something like that.

S: I got the fishing rod for the DC version of that game.

MR: I got that, yeah.

G: So there you go. So when I see significant others giving their people, their significant others problems or static about what they’re doing whether its  Street Fighter or it’s some other form of hobby that is not like…

M: Detrimental.

G: Yeah! Exactly.

M: Your health.

G: Exactly. Then it’s like, don’t…bother me. It’s just funny in my head. So I kind of like try to say things or make you think, oh why do I put up with this.

Because like Mike said, you create your own reality.

M: Mm mm.

G: So if she’s giving you problems it’s only because you are giving yourself…

M: I see what you’re saying.

MR: I was going to say something. Just for all the YouTube comments. But I don’t think it’s appropriate!

M: No, please go ahead.

MR: No it’s okay, I can hold on to it.

Now see, you’re already looking at me! (Laughs.)

G: Now you gotta say it, because I’m curious!

MR: See, you’re supposed to be high Jackie Chan. And they think I’m gay Tiger Woods.

But what you mentioned about previous relationships and you mentions girls, so I’m supposed to say, you know, because Gootecks play Street Fighter and I play Street Fighter, I can tolerate it.


(Everyone cracks up.)

MR: You see what I did there?

You see what I did there?

S: The truth finally comes out.

MR: You see what I did there?

G: That’s why it works.

MR: (Laughs.)

10-   M: That’s awesome that you just mentioned it. Because…Mike Ross! If you took Gootecks to the prom, where would you take him for dinner and where would you take him afterwards?

MR: That is too easy, like, seriously.

I would first take him to Daikokuya Ramen! (Laughs.)

In downtown LA or whatever.

And afterwards….hm.

He’s going to love that Ramen.

Probably wouldn’t want to play AE.

M: This is on your prom night, so.

MR: (Laughs.)

Well you know what, since I’m a gentlemen, I’ll have him returned him home to his parents!

M: Ohhhh!!!! (Claps.)

S & G: (Laughs.)

M: So who’s buying the corsage?

MR: Ah geez, we don’t know yet! I don’t know. (Laughs.)

M: Alright awesome, awesome. (Laughs.)

You are a gentleman.

A romantic night on the Yarra river. Muttons, Igor, Pyro, Mike, Ryan and Rob. Taken by Kevin from SgFinest.

11-   S: Mike, would you say it’s fair to call you a Marvel 2 for life player, or lifer?

MR: Uh…no.

It would have been fair to call me that…

But you know what, I don’t know. I guess because I kinda stopped playing it in 2008 for Street Fighter IV. I think I needed to put one more year in there to say that I will live and bleed it. That I would have been multi-tasking it.

I mean I did still enter tournaments, but I didn’t really play it. However would it be…

It might be a fair statement to make when I see a Marvel…oh gosh. There’s a prime example. This weekend at Shadowloo Showdown. You  guys realize I was playing RF in Marvel on the demo setup and they only had six characters in there. And I was still in there, and I just wanted to body him?

Does that mean I’m a Marvel player for life?

Mike vs RF SS2k11

S: I think so.

M: I think so.

MR: If I still have that passion and intensity in me?

Using RubyHeart, Ryu and Captain America?

S: Oh my god.

G: If you’re playing Marvel 3, it’s really just an extension of Marvel 2. So.

MR: Erghooohh.

S: That was going to be my next question.

Why do you hate Marvel 3 so much?

MR: I never said I hate Marvel 3. I actually said that I love that game and it’s the best game ever made. (Mike gives us the Look.)

S: Shoutouts to Capcom.

G: That’s right.

M: Especially in Australia where it costs $110.

S: To buy.

M: To buy.

MR: Why does Marvel 3 cost a $110 here?

S: Because all games cost a $110 to buy.

MR: Goodness.

G: How can something so cheap…

M: (Laughs.)

G:…be so expensive!

S: (Laughs.)

MR: Marvel 3 I had to play it… played Marvel 2 so much. It’s just so sad to see the game on that I’m holding onto my fragmented memories through Marvel 3.

G: That’s terrible.

MR: I’m sorry. I know it’s depressing.

That’s why every time I play Marvel 3 that’s why I’m crying.

S: I am exactly the same, I am exactly the same.

I’m exactly the same with SFIV and Super Turbo.

M: (Laughs.)

MR: You get it.

M: Yeah, he gets it.

S: Hate that game.

MR: Calm down. It’s okay.

I love Street Fighter IV.

M: (Laughs.)

12-   S: I have to ask this question. Gootecks how was it to work on the Dr. Sub-Zero show. One of the pioneer podcasts.

G: Working on the Dr. Sub-Zero show was definitely one of the highlights…definitely one of the highlights outside of the game work that I’ve done.

Rockefeller was one of my Urien heroes. I can tell you for sure I watched his combo videos on YouTube and was inspired to play Urien. So.

And he was just so funny.

So I told Arlieth, I was like hey, you should do a podcast with this guy because that was when I was fresh off…

I still had a lot of recording equipment because I used to record bands, records these bands back in the day. So I mean working on that day at the beginning was really fun because what we were doing was fresh and different and nobody…

I dunno, they had Alphaism radio but I wouldn’t consider that the same thing because back in the day podcasts were different. And that was not something everyone was doing, nor was it something that everybody understood.

So at the beginning it was really fun, but at some point it got kind of tedious. Not because of the material, not because I didn’t enjoy working with the people, but because the actual production of the whole thing became really tiring for me. So.


That’s part of the reason that it didn’t work out. Doing that podcast, producing that, I mean, I guess I became a small part of that show even though it was mostly 80% about you know, John.

But I would chime in here and there. But that kind of prepared me to do the Denjin video podcast, and then the Street Fighter Podcast after that. Which then eventually you know, I brought on guys like Mike and Edma and Combofiend and dudes like that.

Which then at some point turned into doing events and videos and then finally, Cross Counter. So doing the Ask Dr. Sub-Zero show was kind of like the prototype of…

M: For you to become Gootecks.

G: Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, this was a long process. This was maybe like 2007, maybe even 2006, I don’t even know.

But I mean I’ve been working on this type of material for like a long time. And then once I got the opportunity to do Cross Counter, and we were doing…you know we were doing video at the time.

But it started out…I mean what we do on Cross Counter is not that different…it’s like the spiritual successor to the Dr. Sub Zero Show.

And the Denjin and Street Fighter Podcasts.

S: So how many e-mail questions did you actually send into the show?

G: Zero!

All of those questions were one hundred percent real.

I wish I could come up with shit like that.

But John was a master. John was like…amazing.

S: I would love to meet him in person.

M: He’s his inspiration. (Points at Igor.)

G: Yeah. John was ridiculously funny.

S: Your show, and basically after watching EVO was actually one of the reasons why we’re actually doing this.

G: Cool. Well good, hopefully other people out there were inspired as well.

I don’t even know where those other episodes are anymore…I’m sure they’re out there floating…

S: All in my hard drive.

G: Good maybe we can rerelease them or something. Although I don’t even know if anybody would find them funny. Because Third Strike is…

Although Third Strike Online is coming out!

M: Every Third Strike DLC should come with a boxset of you know…

M & S: The Dr. Sub Zero show.

G: (Laughs.)

S: Or free download off ITunes.

G: Yeah, well, hey. Tell Capcom.

But yeah, a lot of those people aren’t even around anymore. So I don’t think it would even matter.

But it was funny at the time I guess. If you listen to the first episode all the way to episode…

S: If you know the history of the Socal community it’s still hilarious to this day.

G: Right! Yeah, but none of that stuff is like…There’s no Wikipedia entry for Socal FFA Third Strike! (Laughs.)

M: So how amazing is that guys like him (points at Igor) and me exist, that all the way across the world, we know what happened in frickin’…

G: That is the power of the Interwebs. If it wasn’t for the Interwebs we would not be sitting here in this room today.

MR: Nope. I don’t even know how to respond to it.

You know?

G: Yeah, I mean, it’s good. I mean it’s definitely, haha a double-edged sword at some point.

But it definitely allows people like us to do what we do. Because if it weren’t for the Internet there’s no way we would be able to do this. We would have 9 to 5s or something, we would be doing something totally different.

MR: You do have a 9 to 5. I don’t know why you keep saying that.

G: (Laughs.)

MR: Right?

G: Well, one that I clock into.

MR: yeah. It’s just not 9 to 5, it’s more like 3 to 10!

3 to 11, or whatever.

13-   M: So what did you guys think of Shadowloo Showdown?

S: Did you have fun?

MR: (Long exhale.)

G: The event was…amazing.

MR: Yeah.

G: I’m not quite sure what I expected, but as soon as I walked in the door…

I was so glad that we came!

MR: I’m going to tell you why, okay?

Because Australians, you know, are filled with trolls.

M: Austrollia.

G: Yes.

G & MR: AusTROLLia!

MR: You know, the moment we got off the plane, they said we’d get eaten by koalas and stuff like that.

S: (Laughs.)

That’s right, be scared Mike.

MR: And that don’t feed them or they’ll rip your hand off.

And I believed all that stuff.

And then they said the venue is…nyehhh.

You know, the venue is…not that good…

It’s not what we had hoped for or whatever.

Me and Mike Ross walked into the venue and are like, are you guys serious?

G: Yeah man we got to the venue pretty late, there were already hundreds of people there. They had set up the stream, the projector.

MR: I was like; this thing is amazing.

G: Yeah, yeah.

MR: That on top of the player list that was there? It’s like the best tournament that I’ve been to.

G: Yeah I mean, we just came fresh from CEO 2011 in Orlando. And that was an amazing production as well.

MR: Right.

G: And so, knowing that this was like the second event that the Shadowloo guys have done, it’s like well, not sure what to expect…

MR: Exactly.

G: Especially with them downplaying…

MR: Yeah! They downplayed so many things…kept trolling man. Ridiculous!

G: Yeah, it was great. I thought the event was absolutely amazing. I had a great time.

MR: Again, like I said. I think not only was the location sick, but having all the international players there was something that nobody’s ever done before.

G: I’m not quite sure how they managed to pull that off.

MR: I don’t even care. Just do it again!

G: Heheh. Yeah.

They definitely raised the bar, in terms of the number of big name players that they were able to get to come down. As well as the hospitality factor. So other tournament major organizers have definitely got to step up and take note.

And see what they can work out in terms of getting in those big-name international players.

M: So did you guys feel that you leveled up getting the opportunity to play so many Japanese players?

MR: It was like, yeah, one of the best experiences I’ve had.

And a lot of people know- well not a lot, I’m sorry, I’m lying.

A couple of people know that I’ve been wanting to have a serious session in Street Fighter for a long time. But I never just had the motivation you know?

G: Yeah it’s different. It’s different. Back at home. Completely different.

MR: You get up to go play Street Fighter…I mean heck, I don’t even have AE downloaded yet. I really don’t. I know, it’s sad.

Whatever, and the moment I think about it, I just end up getting too lazy, and end up getting distracted by another hobby or something you know?

G: Yeah. It’s completely different. Being home in LA, compared to getting to travel.

M: So who impressed you the most? The Machine?

MR: …You know, I really don’t know.

G: I thought it was gonna be Tokido and Mago in the finals.

M: Yeah, same here.

G: So to see the Machine, Poongko, the Machine, the Korean People’s Champ just basically run through everybody…was awesome.

The Machine and Gootecks

MR: That was clearly the highlight.

G: I was cheering for him. Because you know, Mike and I ran into Poongko at the Gamestop Nationals finals in 2009 at San Francisco.

MR: That’s right.

G: This was when everybody was in a different position. You know.

But Poongko really impressed me back then because he had really great execution, he was playing Ryu back then.

But he was like…I mean…

There were like other people there, like other international players there.

And Poongko doesn’t speak a lot of English, but what he does that stuck out in my mind is that he makes the effort to try and communicate with you and have a good time.

I remember being in Keystone up in NorCal, just taking shots with that dude. I might have some video of that somewhere. But like, I remember having a great time with that guy.

And even though he was on stage doing his thing against Daigo and Justin. He was still cool enough to hang out and party with us.

I’ll always remember that. So it was really cool for me to see him do so well this weekend.

S: He is a Machine. The man got off a 17 hour flight…

M: And played for 12 hours straight.

MR: (Laughs.)

S: That’s why we call him the Machine.

M: Holy shit. Holy…shit.

I mean not just Poongko right? Xian did so well.

MR: Xian got top 8.

Mago "Wins" vs Xian

G: I was really glad to see Xian do well as well.

Because when I met him was at Dreamhack Winter 2009, Sweden.

S: Episode 34.

G: What?

S: Episode 34 of the Street Fighter Podcast.

G: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. They flew him in from Singapore, and he got second, he lost to Ryan Hart. But he definitely impressed everybody that was over there. But the problem was that back then Dreamhack didn’t really have the exposure to the Street Fighter scene that maybe it does now or would now. Because the scene was a lot smaller. So a lot of people who weren’t there didn’t get…

Especially because they didn’t stream it. The stream back then wasn’t the same as it is now. So a lot of people who didn’t really know about Xian so…a lot of people this weekend were probably unfamiliar with him.

But I saw him run through everybody except Ryan Hart at Dreamhack. And on top of that he was a cool guy, very humble, and he speaks English. Which is helpful.

MR: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

It’s kinda cool right? We have Korea with a small community and Singapore with a smaller community compared to Japan…

G: I don’t think Singapore has got a small community.

MS: I mean compared to you guys.

G: No. They have a large community.

MR: For sure we’re going to find out.

G: Yeah we’ll find out.

MR: Tomorrow! Jesus.

G: Tomorrow we’ll find out.

From what I understand they have a very large community, but a small tournament community.

M: Ah yeah, you’re right, you’re right.

But it’s still cool that these guys can come down and body all the Japanese guys right?

G: Yeah, hell yeah!

M: Heheh.

G: Japan’s been bullying America and the rest of the world for years now.

M: Almost twenty years?

S: Well since ’98. Technically Alpha 3 when Daigo…versed Valle I suppose.

MR: Mmhmm.

G: Yeah.

So good for them.

M: Good shit to them.

S: Yeah definitely. And it’s not just that, I think it’s also due to all the technology that we have nowadays like YouTube, videos are a hell lot easier to access.

You don’t have to go to alt.SF.newgroups.

G: Yeah. Information now about the game is way better than it used to be.

S: And it’s a lot more free flowing, we actually get up to…

This morning we had a look at Youtube and there was already a 100, 150 Shadowloo Showdown restream videos up. Before the guys even start cutting any footage.

It’s an amazingly fast turnaround for everything.

M: So Mike, what was your favourite moment of Shadowloo Showdown?

MR: Oh yeah, my favourite moment was…

M: doesn’t have to be in the tournament. Could be before or [after].

MR: Watching Poongko win.

M: The Grand Finals.

MR: Because it looked like…yo I don’t care what he says his eyes were watering on that one.

I mean…

G: He worked hard.

MR: Yeah, he worked hard. But again when I see him chugging that Red Bull, I’m still thinking back to 2009 Gamestop. He and I hung out with just his translator, and I really got to know the guy, and to know how hard he works.

And everybody saw that now, as a player.

And to see him on stage at Gamestop and to lose to everybody, right?

When you know like we know, how great of a player he is.

But it’s like all the internet, you know, these dumb, dumb…

G: There were so many things wrong with that tournament.

S: It’s not even that. I mean, a lot of people were saying why did the Shadowloo guys invite Poongko out here. He’s just a fancy, stylish player. He doesn’t know how to play.

G: Ha, a fancy, stylish player that Bodied…everybody.

MR: That wins tournaments. Yeah, exactly.

He’s just a fancy stylish player that wins tournaments.

S: I mean, this is basically his first international tournament that he’s come out to. Besides Gamestop. A proper, proper tournament.

MR: Right exactly. The Gamestop one was a exhibition. Which was very cool but you know, he just happened to lose to Daigo, Justin Wong and Iyo. Right?

Then the world says, oh he sucks.

This guy Poongko sucks. Poongko this, Poongko that.


G: Where is the truth.

MR: Because all those people would have done much better.  Flying straight from Korea to San Francisco.

G: Yeah, exactly.

MR: To play in front of fifteen hundred people. When that’s never been done before.

Nothing has been on that magnitude.

Now that he’s used to the pressure he goes and wins a tournament.

…Hold Dat.

S: Hold Dat. And you know he gets serious when he takes his belt off.

MR: Oh yeah.

M: He’s about to whip…(Laughs.)

S: Love that.

M: So speaking of famous victories, a certain American beat Mago in tournament for the first time ever, right?

S: So Gootecks how does it feel?

MR: (Laughs.)

S: Sorry, sorry…

MR: Yo actually that would have been an accurate statement in Canada. That was yours.

(A dark cloud passes over Gooteck’s face.)

But we’re not going to talk about that. I’m sorry… You had him beat.  I dunno…

G: I fucked up my execution…

MR: I don’t know how I should feel about the Mago match right now.

G: You should feel pretty good.

MR: Should I?

G: I would feel pretty good.

M: You should man. You should have seen the stream blow up…

MR: Yeah?

G: Eliminating Mago? In tournament?

Double digits?

MR: I placed higher than him.

G: Yeah.

MR: But you know, as people said,  or whatever, I think this already compared to Marn beating Daigo.

S: Except you didn’t call him free.

I CALLED IT Mike! Heavy Weapons and Mike Ross

MR: Right. Right, exactly. I didn’t talk trash, but Mago wanted to run it back in a moneymatch.

First to Five.

And we played that.

G: But we’ll never know what happened.

MR: Yeah we played that and nobody’s ever going to know what happened. Because he requested there not be any evidence of it.

G: Yeah so…

MR: So I can’t tell you what happened in the runback.

G: You’re going to have to ask Mago what happened. He wanted to play Xian and Mike and requested the matches not be recorded.

Even though he requested the matches and we were going to do them in our room.

MR: Yeah. But it’s fine. They weren’t recorded.

G: You’re gonna have to ask Mago what happened.

MR: I won’t tell you guys what happened. But I guess the stream monsters or the forum people that hated on my victory probably wouldn’t have been happy at the results.

(Mike gives the Look.)

G: I mean, to be honest, I don’t think anybody was happy with the results.

MR: That’s the best…you’re right.

G: I don’t think…I wasn’t happy, you weren’t happy, Mago wasn’t happy…

Nobody in that room was happy.

MR: Nobody won. That’s the best part.

Another Hold Dat.

S: Ryan, what was your favourite part of SS 2k11?

Guess what was my favourite part of SS?

G: Well, since Mike already said Poongko, I’m just gonna say watching Mike beat Mago (Laughs.)

MR: (Laughs.)

G: That was definitely my favourite.

M: You didn’t jump in the crowd! (Like at EVO.)

MR: Naw…because you know like, that’s another interesting thing.

S: I’ll tell you one thing, I think you just confirmed that you are the People’s champion. Because wherever you go, people always seem to cheer for you.

The other thing I was gonna say is; last year we held Shadowloo Showdown, and we had a fairly hype final with Gamerbee and Tokido?

But the sound levels in the hall got nowhere near, nowhere even close to when you beat Mago. Literally my ears were hurting from how loud that was in that room.

MR: You know, I appreciate obviously, the support. You know, who wouldn’t.

But I dunno, you call me paranoid, I sleep with a gun under my pillow. But I always wonder, I gotta imagine; it won’t last forever. Pretty soon they’re gonna start hating me.

You know I try to do things everyday to make sure people hate me.  But it just doesn’t seem to work.

S: It just backfires, and people keep loving you.

MR: Yeah. I watch kids going down the street…and I throw stuff at them. Call them names. Tell them that they’re not going to be firemen when they grow up.

G: (Laughs.)

S: Why would you be! The pay sucks.

MR: (Laughs.)

But for some reason it’s not catching on yet, I gotta try harder.

M: You gotta try harder. To be a troll.

MR: Yeah.

M: But yeah, what was going through your mind when you sat down to play Mago?

MR: Ah you know I told a couple of people. Fortunately one of my favourite attributes that I feel I’ve developed is I’m sooo over the mentality of “Oh gosh…it’s Mago…I’m gonna lose…he’s from Japan, he’s the best Fei Long in the world…he’s GodsGarden amazing player…” like I don’t care.

And I’m not saying that in an arrogant way either. What I mean by that is; what’s going happen? You’re gonna win the match or you’re gonna lose the match.

Everybody’s gotta go home with a goal. My goal is to play correctly. I’ve played every Fei Long in America…well, not everyone but you know, in tournaments. Except Inthul. I’ve never played him in a tournament. But I haven’t lost to the Fei Longs.

As long as I play correctly in my match; then why would I lose? It’s that simple.

You know?

I told people around me too, I’m just going to do my thing, I’ve played Fei Long before.

I know it’s Mago but does he know it’s me so…

G: There’s only so much that you can do with a character. And I think it’s …not easier but when you’re playing a guy like Mago or one of these big-name Japanese players- you know that you’re playing somebody who’s thinking and who’s really good. And that automatically makes the match…

MR: It makes it a different match.

G: As opposed to if you’re playing somebody who you don’t know and who maybe you’ve heard is like really, really good but you’ve never played them, or something like that.

Like a player who’s coming out of nowhere, they can surprise you.

I think we saw that this weekend with Shang Tsung from Sydney playing Tokido.

MR: He should have won that.

G: Yeah. Yeah.

I think that’s…I would rather play someone that I know is really good, than somebody who I am not quite sure about.

Especially like…just because you know Mago’s not gonna do anything stupid!

MR: Yeah.

S: Wake-up Ultra!

G: Yeah.

MR: Right.

14-   M: Who’s your favourite wrestler and why?

S: Because I’ve picked up on a correlation between Street Fighter players- the majority of Street Fighter players are either NBA fans or they’re really into wrestling.

MR: That’s interesting. Umm…my favourite wrestler…

Jeez. I’ve gone through so many phases.

I really loved HBK.

G: Mmhmm. Oh yeah.

MR: Right? Shawn Michaels was the best. I thought he had the best song, I thought he had the best finisher.

G: The only guy that could sing his own theme song.

MR: That’s so crazy. You know, you just told me not too long ago and I did not know that he sang his own theme song.

M: I did not know that either.

MR: See?

S: I didn’t.

MR: (starts rasping) …I think I’m cute…I know I’m sexy…

Got the looks…

G: Yeah! That’s him isn’t it?

MR: …That drives them…

(Laughs.) Okay! I’ll stop.

S: Sing it Mike!

G: Does that not sound like him?

MR: I’m going to research that.

M: Have to find that out.

G: I always thought that was him.

MR: Oh I think you’re lying then. You have no proof.

S: (Laughs.)

MR: I thought you had proof, that you knew it was him!

G: Well, if we weren’t in Austrollia, we could probably…

S: (Laughs.)

MR:  Get access to the Internet!

M: The biggest troll in Australia is the Internet.

S: Oh yeah.

MR: I’ll tell who I hated; I never liked Goldust.

S: Urgh, yeah.

MR: Yeah, see!

G: Didn’t like Goldust, but I did like Marlena.

S: Yeah! I agree with that!

M: (Laughs.)

MR: I agree with that.

S: So Gootecks we already know your favourite, or do we?

G: Uhh, I had different phases as well. I guess when I was a kid, I really liked Ultimate warrior. I actually like Ultimate Warrior more now.

MR: Oh yeah. As a kid I loved Hogan. Had to like Hogan.

G: I liked present day Warrior more than I like…

MR: Prime Warrior!

Well, is he in his prime now?

S: (Laughs.)

G: Warrior may be in his prime now, but let’s see who else.

Stone Cold Steve Austin. I think he’s the greatest bad guy of all time. In wrestling.

MR: You know, I want to jump in and I gotta mention this now. You know who I thought was just a great bad guy? I mean, my favourite bad guy [back then] and still, is Vince McMahon.

S: Ohh.

M: Yeah! Gotta agree with that!

MR: I don’t know if I can call him a wrestler, I’m calling him a wrestler. He’s in the wrestling business.

He is my hands down favourite.

That segment where him and Stone Cold were feuding…

G: Oh yeah.

M: That was the best.

MR: And it showed him working  out, training just getting ready to beat…”I hate Austin! I hate Austin! I hate Austin!”

S: (Laughs.)

MR: I thought that was like the greatest thing ever.

M: The hospital scene…

G: Oh yeah.

MR: Yeah, exactly, yeah!

That was so good. Those were very good days of wrestling next to you know when we were super young. The Hogan and Andre the Giant.

S: Oh yeah.

MR: That was the next best phase. Steve Austin, The Rock, Vince McMahon, that type of stuff.

M: So are you happy or more like terrified that the Rock and Austin are coming back?

MR: Is Steve Austin coming back?

M: Isn’t he back?

S: I dunno.

G: I haven’t been paying attention.

The last I saw, the Rock is back.

MR: He has his speech…

G: His speech was godlike.

M: (Laughs.)

MR: I saw the speech and I… can’t ever see myself getting back into wrestling until…I don’t want to say SOMETHING that crazy…nevermind!

S: Go for it.

MR: Nope! Nope. Getting my tubes tied tonight.

M & S: (Laughs.)

MR: (Laughs.)

15-   M: So Mike if you could pick another nickname other than Mike Ross, what about Street Pussy?

MR: (Completely missing the Street Pussy part.)

Nickname? Like I said, never had a nickname in my life. I was never dubbed a nickname. I don’t think I ever will get a official nickname. I just have to go by my birthname.

That’s all, that’s it.

M: Michelangelo Ross.

MR: You know, I’ve heard that!

I’ve heard them all.

S: Nothing sticks.

MR: Nothing sticks. And I don’t think anything ever can stick.

S: The People’s champ seems to be sticking.

G: Only Mike Ross…can stick to Mike Ross.

S: (Laughs.)

I like it.

M: I like it as well.

MR: Thank you Gootecks for that one.

S: So should have done video man.

16-   M: So we ask everyone this, so who’s your favourite AV idol?

MR: My favourite what?

M: Adult Video idol.

MR: Ohh.

G: All the amateur adult idols.

S: (Laughs.)

MR: Okay. Here’s my fav…my favourite adult idol is the easiest question of all time.

And it’s going to be an answer that none of you in a million years can guess.

And I think you know who it is, Ryan.


MR: It’s…um.

Why can’t I think of the name.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

S: (Laughs.)

MR: Give me a second guys. I need to reset my mind.

Okay! Yeah I got it.


Now any comments that was on YouTube…I’m definitely going to get backlash for this.

But my favourite adult video star is Brian Pumper.

G: (Laughs.)

MR: (Laughs.)

Now before you like… “……..What?!?!”

S: I’m just thinking of a six-foot tall, hairy guy with really long 80’s hair.

MR: (Laughs.)

Lemme tell you…oh nonononono.

Lemme tell you why Brian Pumper is my favourite. Because this dude. Is like, viewed as the most pathetic dude in the world.

He’s recently started putting nothing but YouTube videos, the reality show of the life of a porn star. Or whatever.

And it’ll show him like really trying to hit on girls in real life, and girls are just saying “Get away from me!”

He’s not doing this to be funny, this guy really has a problem and doesn’t realize it.

S: (Laughs.)

MR: It’s just the best. He also tries to be a rapper too. He made a diss song to Jay-Z. And the song is like the most offensive song I’ve ever heard.

You guys gotta watch his videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He’s an absolute clown.

It’s the best.

And on that note I will add that I have actually never seen any of his actual work.

(Everybody laughs.)

MR: I’ve only seen his YouTube videos. And people that hear me say this and know will know exactly what I’m talking about.

G: That’s awesome.

S: We have never had such a detailed response!

MR: Thank you, thank you! That shows, that shows that I did my research.

M: Yeah! People give you know, that was the most sincere answer, most well thought out answer…

S: And the thing is, we didn’t even give them the questions pre-hand. That was all on the fly.

MR: (Giggles.)

S: What about you Ryan?

G: All the amateur…adult video idols.

(Everyone laughs.)

S: Nice PC response! I like it.

M: They’re all…they’re all stars.

S: They’re all good.

17-   M: Alright, we’re gonna wrap it up with shoutouts.

MR: First off, an obvious shoutout to Australia, Melbourne. For taking good care of myself and Gootecks.

The whole Shadowloo team, you guys are good people.

Definitely gotta give a shoutouts to Xian, from Singapore, for being such a super cool dude, and willing to work with myself and Gootecks to try and help us get better at this game.

G: That’s right, because we need all the help we can get.

MR: Yeah, we got a long way to go.

Umm…who else…

I want to give a shoutout to…

I guess the people who still do clap for me when I win!

Everyone: (Laughs.)

MR:  You know. The people that do come up to us, and wanna maybe take a picture.

Make me write my name on something of theirs…

G: Random objects.

MR: Random objects.

M: So wait. You’ve signed a breast right?

MR: I have.

M: And you haven’t right [Gootecks]?

G: I have not.

M: Did you sign any when you were here?

MR: No I have not.

M: (Laughs.)

G: Do you have some for us to sign?

MR: (Laughs.) Thank you Gootecks.

S: We got plenty of guys…

MR: (Laughs.)

S: Do they count?

MR: Sorry I was…

You guys just make it so easy for me to just… associate Gootecks…and just go in.

But I don’t need to be putting his business out there on blast.

Anyways just…

G: (Yawns.) Shoutouts to everybody who watches our stuff on the interwebs. But extra special shoutouts to everybody who shares it on Facebook or Twitter. That really helps a lot.

Shoutouts to…

I don’t know.

To those of you, the people out there who are smart enough to understand what it is that we’re doing and what we’re trying to build.

It’s a pretty short list.

M: (Looks at Igor.)  Do we count?

S: No…I gotta check the register…

G: Yes. You guys count.

S: I understand where you guys are coming from. Since 2008, Gootecks you’ve been doing things like Barfights. Some of the really revolutionary stuff that has really sort of pushed or carried the scene in a lot of interesting ways.

G: I like to think so.

S: Yeah, definitely. It’s pioneers like Team Spooky. Yourself. Even Mike doing his MvC2 recordings back in the day. With the player cam.

MR: Yeah, thank you.

S: Not a lot of people know about that stuff. You guys have done some really amazing work. And…I think a lot of people sit down and watch I Got Next, a lot of that comes through.

You just gotta look for it.

G: Yeah, that will up pretty soon. The full length version.

S: Ah, can’t wait for that.

I guess that’s gonna do it.

Thank you very much for your time.

G: No problem.

MR: Thank you guys, and I hope you had as much fun doing this as we did.

S: Oh yeah.

Always fun.

M: Thank you guys.

And as a special after-podcast treat, check out Burnout’s (Kevin) video of the pre- Shadowloo Showdown tournament at Box Hill arcade.

Poongko is Godlike at Bishi-Bashi.

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26 Responses to Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 15: Gootecks and Mike Ross

  1. Burnout says:

    Really awesome interview!!!

  2. muttonhead says:

    Thanks Kev, see you on Friday man.

  3. Hector says:

    for some reason nothing pops when when I right click to download the podcast.

  4. muttonhead says:

    Hi Hector, unfortunately the huge surge of traffic from Eventhubs has fried our server. So give us some time; we are trying to upload the file to another server right now.

  5. Hector says:

    Alrighty then.

    Thanks for doing this for the community btw!

  6. Mike Henry says:

    Hey my painting! Hehe. Great interview. Here’s to many more years of Gootecks and Mike Ross!

  7. muttonhead says:

    Thank you sir. Ah I did not know that was you who made that. I had a look through your tumblr and I have to say I love your work! I will definitely put a link to your site in the article immediately.

  8. Kyle says:

    This is easily your best interview guys, well done.

  9. Spoony says:

    Damn Muttons, we look salty as hell in the background of that first photo.

    Probably because we were at that point. 😀

    Good interview too, you could tell that they were almost already asleep at the start, but you guys dragged some serious entertainment out of their half dead brains.

    • muttonhead says:

      Wow I never noticed that, good eye Spoony. Hmm…Marvel or Yun must have been on screen somewhere…

      Yeah big props to Ryan and Mike; they were really, really tired. I think it was a good idea to throw out the “How do you approach footsies Mike” questions and go for the “What is a gootecksss” questions right off the bat!

  10. Mick J says:

    HIlarious, really enjoyed that.

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  12. Jake Lynch says:

    This was an awesome interview guys! Best of luck to Igor! Thanks for the mention in the interview too!

  13. ddrt says:

    I wish this interview would never have ended 😦

  14. Jacob S7R31F says:

    B Pumper got game fyi. He looks like fkn keno too!

  15. Shogo says:

    I found this interview while editing the new podcast I’m working on. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that were back 🙂

  16. Genuinely delighted I came across this webpage
    currently has cheered me up quite honestly

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