Shadowloo Showdown thank yous

I will probably do a longer post later. Hopefully my memory holds up enough for a recap.

Anyway here we go.

Firstly, thank you so much to my Marvel staff, I did we did a alright job.

Gabneto, Fish, James, Kenny, Vin, Juan, Cyrus. Thank you guys so much.

Special shoutouts to James, who worked so hard he blew out his voice, got a fever and headache and was too sick to make it back for Finals day on Sunday. That really really sucks, I’m so sorry man. SS is a lot to handle for first-timers, I know. That’s why on Saturday I ran brackets with the clipboard in one hand and my 2 litre water bottle in my other.

Special shoutouts to Spoony as well. He finished his responsibilities with Soul Calibur already and could’ve fucked off and you know, actually gone and enjoyed himself.

But instead he hung around and did all the extracurricular stuff that I would’ve had a hard time doing while running brackets. Speakers not working? Get Spoony to fix them. Marvel discs missing? Get Spoony to find them while I holler for check-ins. Thanks so much man you were a incredible lifesaver.

Thanks so much Loki. I cannot express how happy and thankful I am that you stepped up to be tournament director this year from the get-go, to provide a steady helm and to run shit when Ali was busy running around doing his driving stuff. All this with a gall bladder operation on the Monday before, you are the man. Sorry I kept asking you stupid questions!

Chris Ho. You are the robot. The cybernetic organism sent from the future to help run Shadowloo Showdown. You work way too hard man. I fear for your burnout. You worked so hard you got too fucked up to make it out of bed on Sunday until late in the day on Sunday. I know how much you love the top 8s, so that must’ve really sucked. You are the motherfucking man as well. Small Chris story that says it all; me and Loki got up at 630AM on Saturday to go down and setup the venue around 7AM, and Chris was supposed to be there but only got in later. Turned up he showed up at the venue at 520AM, decided not to wake us up and message us later and take a small nap, and crashed for the only sleep of the night in his car for two hours. What a soldier.

Shadowfox. You got that asian work ethic and the TO hollering voice. Good shit this weekend man, it’s people like you that make car-less people like me feel like totally useless pieces of shit.

Bugs and Louis, you guys are champions. You should not have to run around for matches while doing the stream Bugs, I also fear for your burnout. Great job guys, and it was real nice to finally meet you in person Louis.

All the rest of the SS staff, Andrew, Dna, Kevin, Penh, Dave, Igor, Rossco, Dna, Juan, Fayd, Rame, Huy, Daniel, Godly Effect, James, Alex, Chris and Apple, thank you so much guys.

Special thanks to Invader Felix who showed up on Friday noon to help set up. Volunteering for the shit work coming from interstate? Thank you sir, and we’ll be happy to have you here down in Melbourne.

Dave, Pyro, Sol. You guys did so much. And Pyro looks so fucking sharp in that suit…Thank you for this event…and get some sleep guys!

Lastly, Ali.

Man. We’re argued and talked and had meetings that went on for ages, and we’ve commiserated…but in the end the job gets done. You drive me crazy Ali, but I love you too bro.

Apologies for the 3 out of 5 snafu with Marvel. I had a conversation about it with Filipino Champ on Thursday and I believe Ali did as well, and I went on to have a conversation with Loki later in the weekend. I should’ve communicated the result of that conversation with Loki earlier on in the day to Champ and avoided the conflict later on, so I’m sorry it is totally my fault. But in the end, I think the Marvel finals were extremely hype, and I probably shouldn’t say this, but I think it was for the best.

I’m sorry if I forgot anybody but thanks again everybody, you guys are awesome.

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4 Responses to Shadowloo Showdown thank yous

  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks to you Muttons, for proudly bearing my face 😀 Two friends of mine who came to watch SS were sitting right behind you, made me laugh when I heard who it was that had the Kyle Face. Good shit dude, I miss Melbourne.

    • muttonhead says:

      You’re welcome, it was fun. It actually fell off my back after a while…wonder what happened to the sign.

      • Awan says:

        I agree the game is fun but lacking and will get old fast. Which makes its glnairg holes in replay value and modes an embarassment. Considering that they marketed and hyped the game as having a deep story (I mean seriously, they could be sued for false advertisement on that one lol) it just makes it that more disappointing.That is all.

  2. Milleya says:

    Basically only because of moigrran and felicia (those are the flying lady vampire and the cat for those who dont know). Yeah I know its stupid reason to put that in because 2 chars are in small costumes but welcome to US rating system. Guess they didnt want to take any risks.

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