New Ryu tech

So I was at Couchwarriors today, and after reading this from the SRK Ryu thread:

I decided to test this out on more characters. In the thread they did it on Gouken but so far I’ve found it works on:






jHP csHK cHP EX tatsu (midscreen) 394 damage.

jHP csHK cHP EX tatsu HP DP (corner) 424 damage.

jHP csHK cHP EX tatsu Ultra (corner) 576 damage. (On Sim 573 damage. Huh?)

I tested it on the majority of the cast but not everyone, mostly just the usual fat suspects. Did not work on Oni, Sagat, Gief, Rufus etc.

It didn’t work on Blanka and Chun, but because of the way it hit, there might be some potential there. Maybe swap cHP for cMP or EX tatsu for super/EX fireball/HK tatsu. Have to do some more testing.

But anyway this should likely be Ryu’s new most optimal punish since fHP has been nerfed in damage.

Problem is, you will most probably only land this off a dizzy (which makes it even better because you avoid the 20% scaling from the Focus attack from Focus Attack fHP combos), so most probably it will only be very helpful for Dhalsim. But hey, I’m not complaining. More damage on Sim!

Will update after I do more testing, and maybe tinker with some variants, such as cMP sweep after csHK.

Updated Notes: Adding the DP in the corner with Dhalsim seems pretty difficult. Ultra works off the EX tatsu though.

Similar to Sim, DP on Honda doesn’t work in the corner. Doing cmp EX tatsu causes the EX tatsu to whiff. clp EX tatsu works though. Maybe plink chp~lp for Honda? Ultra works fine. Get 577 damage though. Wonder what is causing the damage variations. chp Hk tatsu and cmp Hk tatsu works on Honda, 366 and 342 damage respectively. As a reference, FA lvl 3 fhp chp dp does 365 damage.

jHP csHK cHP lk tatsu DP works on Gouken in the corner. 382 damage.

Bonus video: Ryu unblockables

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4 Responses to New Ryu tech

  1. LOLS mutton remember when your first showed me the combo at deakin stand hk into dp and i said that it looks like you can hit afterwoods for a big combo 🙂 you buttered me today keep it up man push the boundaries

    • muttonhead says:

      Yeah you were definitely onto something there Heavy. And at least there’s something good/useful from the AE changes! (I also find csHK extremely useful as a meaty on Viper, get free DP afterwards on hit.)

  2. Gigadeath says:

    Great find, thanks for posting. New Ryu tech this late in the game is certainly something to write home about. I (along with several others) assumed that DP was the only possible link after csHK, since it was explicitly mentioned in the AE changelog. Sad that it doesn’t work on Zangrief, but I guess one can’t have it all.

    • muttonhead says:

      Credit must go to the guys in the SRK forum. (Link in post.)
      Well ever since the AE frame data came out showing that it’s +4 on hit I had a feeling that it might be possible to link cmp or chp on the fatties, but only really had the chance to do concrete testing when console AE came out.

      edit: Also, when you think about it, it doesn’t really matter that much that it doesn’t work on Gief. How often are you gonna end up stunning a Gief player?!

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