Introducing: Cafe Id! By Kevin aka Burnout

So Kevin after being Poongko’s translator at SS2k11, has gotten to know the Korean FGC a lot better since then. He wrote an article about Cafe Id, their home base in Korea, and it is one of the most awesome places you could visit as a fighting game player.

He asked me to put it up on Shadowloo, and here as well, so here is an excerpt of the article by Burnout, and check out Shadowloo for the full article!

Hello, my name is Kevin ‘Burnout’.

It was an honour to be the translator for Poongko ‘The Machine’ at Shadowloo Showdown 2K11. Since SS2K11, I have been able to learn a lot of information about the Korean Fighting Game Community from Poongko.

Pantene Pro V (PPV) Burnout, Poongko and Gooteckksss

Recently. I was contacted by the owner (Kensouzzang) of a venue called the ‘Cafe Id’ which is their ‘hangout’ place with gaming equipment.

They also have streaming equipment, and stream their tournaments all over the world. I was fascinated by the concept of the venue because this kind of ‘business plan’ would not normally be something easily accepted by your local council or government. Not that they would deny such a commercial venue, but it might be something that the modern government social workers would look at you with a funny face for.

I will get straight to the point and give a quick overview:

Here is the quick view of the counter of Cafe Id.

Peanuts and… ALCOHOL???

Check out Shadowloo for the full article.

On a unrelated note, I spent the whole day at Spoony’s house watching EVO today. It was fun watching a stream with a buddy and not by myself at home like I usually do. I think I am suffering from a Fei Long overload now…

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