Happy Days is a nerfbat

Image courtesy of my buddy Big Dan.


• Target Combo 2 120 damage
• Target Combo 3 120 damage
• Target Combo 4 130 damage, -6 on block for second hit
• Target Combo 5 70 damage
• cr.LK has an upward extended hurtbox
• cr.MP damage from 60 to 50
• Higher high restriction for Raigekishu (dive kick), for LK, MK, and HK (all versions)
• +2 extra frames of hit, block stun on Raigekishu
• Senpukyaku (i’m assuming overhead) from 85 damage to 80 during Gen’ei Jin
• LK, MK, HK Zenpou Tenshin slowed to 11F, EX to 8F
• No throw invincibility on EX Zenpou
• EX Zesshou (lunge) hit distribution changed from 7/2 to 6/3, -1 on block
• MP, HP Kobokushi (palm) meter gain to +20
• LP Koboku is 25 frames total, MP, HP 45 frames total
• MP, HP Koboku damage from 160 to 140, stun from 250 to 200; chip damage for MP, HP to 30
• Active frames for MP, HP Koboku to 10
• Nishoukyaku (up kicks): LK only has invincibility up (and including) the first active frame
• More landing recovery on all versions (including EX)
• MK Nishou from 130 damage to 110
• Tetsuzanko (shoulder): HP damage from 140 to 100, EX from 80+70 to 90+40 (130 total); during the projectile invincible parts of the move, Yun’s hurtbox against physical strikes is expanded
• Gen’ei Jin is a second shorter, does less damage


• Target Combo 2 130 damage, -7 on second attack
• st.LK start-up to 5F, but has the original start up during Sei’ei Enbu
• cr.LK from 30 damage to 20, upward extended hurtbox
• cr.MP from 80 to 70 damage, 60 during Sei’ei Enbu
• (Far) st.MP hitbox pushed backwards, thus has shorter range
• diagonal j.MK hitbox changed, landing cross-ups is not as easier as before
• Raigekishu (dive kick): all versions have an addition hurtbox rectangle when activated, 2F extra landing recovery; stun from 100 to 50
• Senkyutai (roll kick): up until 5F, HK no longer has projectile-invincibility, MK has no projectile-invincibility at all
• All versions of Senkyutai (including EX) have about half size horizontal hitbox, all are 4F worse on guard
• EX Zenpou Tenshin has less reach, loses throw invincibility from the 8F onward
• Tourou Zan (mantis slashes): final hit of LP, MP, HP damage to 60; EX version now a true blockstring for all hits
• Byakko Soshoda (palm): MP, HP meter gain on whiff from 20 to 10, two extra frames to LP, MP, HP
• HP damage from 150 to 140, chip to 30, stun from 250 to 200; MP, HP have 4 less active frames
• Sei’ei Enbu is a second shorter, does less damage from chip
• Raishin Mahaken (UC1) from 480 to 450 at full UC meter
• Tenshin Senkyutai (UC2) is 3F slower, from 440 to 410 at full UC meter; the last hit of the non-cinematic version does 90 damage

from http://shoryuken.com/2011/08/24/super-street-fighter-4-arcade-edition-version-2012-changes-part-3/

Got Nerf?  FUCK YEAH!!

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