ST (S*it Talk) Episode 1

So I finally got a chance to listen to episode 1 of ST (S*it Talk) yesterday, featuring Loki, Acedizl, KG and Spencer, and run by Igor/Spidercarnage.

Basically Igor and I had met up in the city a couple of weeks before to talk about business (Don’t be a Scrub podcasts), and his time at EVO.

After talking for a long time, we switched to talking about the community and all the things that have happened last year. As usual, I got really depressed after the conversation. I’m not sure who in our relationship is actually the optimist…hm.

But since Igor is going to Croatia really soon, which means we have to stop production again until he comes back, we started talking about Shit Talk. And I told him that it would be really good if he do a show before he left. It would great to get Loki on the show, with a Sydney equivalent (we were thinking Gamogo) and have a frank discussion about the kind of things Igor and I were talking about.

Over taro bubble tea.

So he did it last Thursday, and lo and behold I go to Ali’s house on Saturday and discover that the major organisers; Loki, Ali, Ziggy, Gamogo, SlapperJoe, JBHewitt etc had a big Skype meeting on Friday which I hear went quite well.

That makes me really, really happy.

And I was thinking that perhaps the organisers’ meeting might have made Shit Talk a bit redundant.

But I took the time to listen to it, and I think was quite a lot of good discussion, and a fair few good points. I think some of the things talked about in Shit Talk have been already resolved/cleared up in the organiser’ meeting, but I think it’s also good to have an open discussion on the players’ side.

So have a listen, you might like it, or you might not. In any case, leave feedback at the Ozhadou thread.

I think it’s worth listening to just for Loki’s low, sinuous voice. That takes me… to a higher ground.

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