Shadowloo Showdown 2012 announced!

I have only just recovered from this year’s event…but GET HYPE!

May 5th-6th! For those who missed out this year, don’t miss your chance to experience the hype firsthand.

I think it’s really good that the Shadowloo boys are announcing the dates so early. This year we had a few schedule clashes, and this way everyone gets that extra time to prepare and save up!

Check out the official Shadowloo thread:

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1 Response to Shadowloo Showdown 2012 announced!

  1. skullatornz says:

    Still salty a volcano made me miss out on SS2K11, so I’m attending BAM to help heal the wounds =)
    Look forward to seeing you there bro! If you come out I’ll buy you a drink =p
    Drinks on me all night if you can persuade the missus to come along and support you! haha

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