Why We Hate You

Still taking a break, writing-wise. In the meantime I’ve just been chilling, playing Dark Souls and enjoying Street Fighter content such as Andre’s show with Finger Cramp: Why We Hate You.

It has excellent production value, and there’s a lot of great information and strategy inside to boot.

I love the show and Andre’s style; it’s really funny. I hear cries of “too much foul language” and NSFW and all that stuff. But I say keep it the way it is, I love the way it is right now.

Also, I’m gonna miss Combofiend’s vanilla team. I tried out my team a lot in UMVC3 at BAM, and She-Hulk got nerfed quite a bit. The slide is pretty pathetic now. This is just my estimate, but I reckon the duration of the move is around the same. So previously where she would slide half screen in that span of time, she now travels half the distance instead with the same time frame. So it looks a lot slower as well as being a lot shorter. Not being able to chain Ls is a big bummer too. Thanks Capcom.

So I have a suspicion that Combofiend might switch teams. (Taskie got some adverse changes too, his advanced combos don’t work anymore, self-OTG is gone or very hard. Which in my opinion is a big nerf because Taskmaster’s main strength was his raw damage, not really being much of a mix-up character.) So I’m going to try to enjoy watching his team while I still can.

Yipes is so funny. Can’t wait for his set against Combo. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU MORPH!!!!!!!!

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