WTF am I doing with my hands!

So BAM was completely awesome. Taking a little break right now, but I probably will do a detailed writeup soon. Big, big thanks to the entire CW staff for making it happen. Loki, Bugs, Berzerk, Bata, Dave, Chris, Andrew all of you guys did a great job, and I really enjoyed my weekend.

Yo Spoony, we managed to not fuck up the Marvel bracket! I’m pretty happy about that.

Special thanks to Syntax, Gab and Shadowfox for helping us with the brackets.

Unfortunately for Sol, this was the BAM moment. A few player have come up to me and asked me about it, and I told them Akira did exactly the right thing. Having said that, I was really shattered when that happened and I think it took me two top 8 matches to stop replaying that in my head.

When Sol sent Toxy to losers, in my head I was thinking that Sol had a very, very good chance of winning BAM. Sol is my good buddy and always encourages me throughout my years of perennial sucking, so I was rooting hard for him.

Goddamn it Sol!

Anyway, will have more words to say about the event in a bit.

edit: Alternate angle:

Funnily enough, I find myself actually having to force myself to take a break. At lunchtime today I walked to the arcade pretty much without thinking. I forced myself to veer from my path and go buy Shadow of the Colussus instead. I’m going to try to get my mind off Street Fighter for a while, but I have a stinking suspicion I will end up playing at the arcades tomorrow.

Oh well. I fully intend on enjoying Shadow again, it is one of my favourite games of all time.

I saw people playing Dark Souls at BAM, and I was reminded how much I want to play it. I loved Demon Souls and Dark Souls comes out on Thursday, so maybe I will finally have something else to play other than Street Fighter for the last eight months or so!

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6 Responses to WTF am I doing with my hands!

  1. Spoony says:

    Sooo, did you lose to Kyle?

  2. muttonhead says:

    Kyle didn’t even enter any tournaments remember? What a waste.

  3. Somniac says:

    Kyle was already affected by snoreout during the weekend, so I’m sure you would have got him this time Muttons

  4. Burnout says:

    IT Whiffed! it Whiffed! it Whiffed!

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