Grindin’ sets: Phil aka Def-P & David aka DnA FT10s Shadowlogic 29 June 2013

More sets!

First David hit me up for a fun FT10 set in Marvel vs his Firebrand team. It was a fun set and I think I am not playing the Firebrand matchup properly. Once David gets his Skrull up to par, his team should be sick though.

Then Phil bodied me in the Ryu mirror 10-4.

Damnit, I did much much worse than in our previous set. My anti-air was abysmal in this set, he was jumping in for free and I was eating jump-ins for no good reason. That was probably the main reason he went up on a 8 game win streak on me. Towards the end I started getting my anti-air back a bit, so that plus my footsies allowed me to get a couple of games in at the end.

But for the majority of the set, my anti-air was just shocking and my play suffered big time as a result. Not happy at all to see a regression rather than an improvement.

After I did my interview with Xavier aka Somniac I had a long UMVC3 set with him until 5 AM! I wish I had recorded that set, for in that set a lot of my bad habits kept happening over and over again. (Whiffing S in the air after being reset or dropped combos, no air grabs, keep trying to contest Dormammu air dash S and getting smacked over and over and over.) I think the score was 70-80 to 20 something.

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