Here Comes a New Challenger- full version!

I’ve been posting updates on this documentary as Corey has been updating it, but now we finally have the full version up on YouTube.

It’s really interesting to finally watch the full version, and two things really stick out to me:

1) This is like entering a time machine, and seeing everything the way things were just over a year ago, and to kind of realise how just much has changed in the scene since then. NOSTALGIA! All the familiar faces…the post-EVO CW events…SS2013…really cool to see.
2) I am reminded just how tough it is to get into these games and how hard and long it takes to actually get good at them. I remember it took me so long to even get to a competent level with my characters, and it really is not for everyone. You really have to be extremely committed, and I empathise with Jake- it definitely does not feel like fun at times, and much more like work, a tedious grind. Things like dealing with constant losing, feeling of plateauing and not feeling any sense of improvement- these things can be really daunting for new players. But the end result I like to believe is definitely worth it- it’s just a really long and arduous journey.

Good shit Corey! And I kinda wish Jake would make a return to the scene. If he was able to take his time with it, and perhaps not try to artificially accelerate his development within a documentary time frame, he might find a balance in between improving and having fun, and stick around for longer without burning out.

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1 Response to Here Comes a New Challenger- full version!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Jake is such a groovy character, glad he won a round!

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