Blocking the unblockable tech from Ilitirit

One of my pet peeves with the Cammy and Ibuki match is their bloody unblockables. Not only am I unable to DP Cammy’s Cannon Strikes on my wakeup, she can go for the unblockable every time she gets a back throw and I have no choice but to eat the full combo every time.

This juicy video from Ilitirit changes all that, using qcf and qcb to bypass all that character centerline switching crap that makes the unblockable magic happen. I have been practicing it this afternoon against the Cammy unblockable and the timing is very practical. Yes! Now to test it out against the Ibuki against Ryu unblockable. Suddenly the Cammy matchup doesn’t seem so bleak. Perhaps Daigo already knew this tech and that’s why Xiaohai didn’t go for the unblockable a lot in their Topanga set? Hm.

Also, juicy anti-Deejay tech from Air:

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