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Blocking the unblockable tech from Ilitirit

One of my pet peeves with the Cammy and Ibuki match is their bloody unblockables. Not only am I unable to DP Cammy’s Cannon Strikes on my wakeup, she can go for the unblockable every time she gets a back … Continue reading

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Ryu SFIV: AE 2012 Crossup Ground Tatsu Setups- Complete Character List

I was going to practice Marvel today at home, but I finally decided to go ahead and test all this stuff out. I have been thinking about the ground crossup tatsu setups for quite a while now. I have been … Continue reading

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Ryu set play, tricks and advanced option selects by Ilitirit

Some really good stuff here by Ilitirit! Thank you for filming all this sir. Very useful stuff.

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