Community: The Australian FGC Episode 10 Part 1 Youssef “FaYd” Faddoul and David “Kyokugen” Lee

OHN12 Special!

It has been quite a long time since my last one. With Dusty Cartridge shutting down I was kind of undecided on what to do with the show. In the end I decided I have fun making these things, I have the gear already, and there’s still so many awesome dudes in the FGC that people need to know about.

These two guys definitely fit the bill. One of the best things for me at EVO 2014 was getting to know Youssef and David a lot better. With Kyokugen especially, I haven’t spoken much to him prior but we once started commiserating about our common tournament organiser woes, it was like a river started flowing “bro I know exactly what you mean T-T” kind of thing.

Two really good dudes who support the Sydney FGC whether it be YSB or Tekken or KOF. You got Kyokugen and Igor teaming up to make an Australian ST circuit at majors, Youssef showing ample hospitality to interstaters. I had a blast at OHN12 and I hope it shows in the video.

Now…time to make part 2 before I fly off on Friday for SXC…why do I do this to myself!!


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