New Community episode: featuring A1Major – BAM special. And some thoughts before BAM7

I took quite long to put this out, but in the end I’m glad I was able to get this out well in advance of the pre-reg closing date for BAM7. The good thing about taking so long to get to doing this is my brain slowly worked on a lot of ideas over the months, such as using the theme song from Ghost World – Jaan Pehechan Ho as the opening theme. (With a young Thora Birch with manic hair flying and dancing with her elbows out reverberating in my mind) And to use the Chamba drawing shot as the closer, things like that.

I have sort of put my camera away over the last few months, and I think I will only pick it up quite sparingly now, after a very frantic year of video work in 2014. I can’t believe I’ve done eleven episodes of Community already. (And my camera work is still shit.) I enjoy the editing process though, composing sequences is always fun.

This year has been one of great change for me in my personal life, I’ve had to shift a lot of things around, and somehow I find myself not playing fighting games that much anymore.

I still run CCH every fortnight, and I’m still heavily involved with CouchWarriors, especially in the lead-up to BAM. But I seldom watch streams anymore, and when I hear about the latest gossip in the US FGC or blow-up, I honestly don’t really care anymore. My scope of attention has basically shrunk to only what is necessary: is Ryu on screen.

If he’s not, well then, I simply don’t pay attention.

I haven’t touched Marvel in a month as well, and for a training room fiend like me, the recent months have felt like a big waste. Somehow I’m almost never home, roaming the streets late at night, and meeting friends, faces I haven’t seen in a while. Watching opaque middle-eastern films. Finding high-calorie escapes. Getting my soul slowly drained by Tinder.

I very much look forward to BAM…being over. I will see all my friends again and it will be great. But after it is over, I will have a long off-season to look forward to. I will probably try to get my license and once again endanger people on the road. I have been searching for a butterscotch blonde telecaster for quite a while now.

That being said- I still love Street Fighter. I just don’t care so much for the extraneous stuff around it anymore. When I sit down next to someone, and it’s that worn character in a gi moving back and forth on screen, my fingers rolling down to hit sweep and low forward fireball – I feel at home. I don’t think I will be leaving shelter anytime soon.


Facebook event:

Venue: Event Room #2: CQ, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne



If you can’t make the event check out our stream at


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6 Responses to New Community episode: featuring A1Major – BAM special. And some thoughts before BAM7

  1. waterfall says:

    Is Ryu on screen? Yes.

    Stunfest went BAM!

  2. walterling says:

    Absolutely haram

  3. walterling says:

    Good vs Evil

  4. waterfall says:

    Ryu ve Ultra New Challengers

  5. walterling says:

    Choose a top tier (not Ryu) 😛

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