HeartProfessor (Sakura) vs Muttonhead01 (Ryu) SSF4 Friendlies 29th July 2010

ByeBi/HeartProfessor has been nice enough to post some vids of our casuals on PSN. His Sakura has improved a lot; I really like those cmks into dp buffer-pokes. He stays on the ground which is a nice thing to see in a new player, and he also was outfootsieing me a lot with those cmks and standing roundhouses.

It’s always nice to be able to review your own matches, especially since I don’t have a means to capture video. I wasn’t playing very well, not anti-airing much (that seems like a chronic habit now), not building meter upon successful dizzy, doing a lot of unnecessary focus attacks, a lot of unsafe, predictable fireballs without much dekes and fakes, and missing a lot of stuff to boot, but I firmly believe that watching your mistakes warts and all is a really good way to improve. On a last note, I really like those annotations Byebi/Heartprofessor always puts into his videos, it’s a nice personal touch! GG man.

edit: Oh yeah I was hoping that one of my Hakan fights would’ve made the list! Oh well.

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