Dhalsim and Daigo

There’s something about great Dhalsim players that brings the best out of Daigo. Here’s a compilation of the best matches:

Update: Daigo vs Arturo III $1000 MM at Season’s Beatings 2010

Updated: Daigo vs Filipino Champ, Socal Regionals 2010 MM

Updated: Daigo vs Filipino Champ, Norcal Tegionals 2010

SF4 Gamestop Nationals Daigo vs Iyo

Daigo vs Arturo Sanchez EVO 2009 moneymatch

Daigo vs Arturo EVO 2010 moneymatch rematch

Godsgarden Netplay Tournament FT10 Daigo vs Mochi

Daigo vs Arturo III $1000 MM at Season’s Beatings 2010

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6 Responses to Dhalsim and Daigo

  1. Carbonis says:

    That Godsgarden match against Mochi was disgusting. Mochi was playing brilliantly and then just fell apart. Lvl 3 focus should not have worked as much as it did.

    I play sim and let me say, Iyo, Mochi and Sabin are gdlike in their ability to remain calm under Daigo’s footsie and pressure game.

    That is an incredibly scary prospect because they know that if they mess up just once, they’re dead.

  2. muttonhead says:

    I really enjoy watching a master Sim at work, constantly controlling space. As for Mochi, maybe it’s the power of the Ume-Focus attack??

  3. Carbonis says:

    Maybe. I know Daigo loves to do things that seemingly make no sense only to then turn it around and catch you by surprise. It was the Daigo aura that got into Mochi’s head and he started thinking at too high of a mindgame level.

    Also, I need to play you now that I moved back to college. I think now it should be at least high yellow bars.

  4. muttonhead says:

    I would definitely agree. As for playing me Carbonis, are you going to college in the US? If so I would be extremely reluctant to risk the lag playing you all the way from Australia.

  5. Carbonis says:

    I am in America but my school has fiber optic connections. I’ve been able to play a few Japanese players at yellow, but yeah the more I think of it, the more it seems like it would be a lagfest.

    I sent you an invite beforehand, but you can just ignore it. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to california soon and THEN I’ll be able to play you.

    Also, Sabin is SO salty from that fight. You can hear it in his voice. One missed back fierce and he lost all his momentum, damn.

  6. muttonhead says:

    Maybe we can play someday Carbonis. But I think right now with the state of Australia’s national broadband network we’ll have to put our match off for now 😦
    If you go to Cali, try to go to all the legendary arcades like Denjin, Family Fun, AI etc and play some of the top names!
    Yeah he definitely sounded really heartbroken. The fact that he had a little bit of a meltdown at the end after playing so well throughout the match and well, $500 dollars 😛

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