3 Green Bars Series 3 Episode 1- Melbourne, Australia

I’ve always been a huge fan of the 3 Green Bars series, and the month before Shadowloo Showdown Ali had been talking about a “special guest” showing up to Box Hill. When I found out it was Cpt Munta, I was hella hype, and kind of kicking myself for not going to the Box Hill ranbat because I wanted to meet him so badly.

I got to meet him later at CCH, and he was an awesome guy. I was really interested in his unusual circumstances; 1- getting to travel so much and do Street Fighter things, and 2- having a wife who was all for it!

…Okay maybe only the second one is uniquely surprising to me. So now him and Kevin from sgfighter are my two biggest role models in this particular aspect 😛

He told so many riveting stories like meeting Seth Killian deep in the underground hidden Capcom base, and how he talked about the struggle that was convincing Capcom to make Street Fighter 4, the effects of the earthquake on the New Zealand scene, the European and the American scene and more.

Interestingly enough, when he started talking to Carnage and Naruga about Kaillera I really saw them open up to him. And I probably learned more about their fighting game history in that hour than actually knowing them for two, three years now! I was sitting there listening the whole time- it was extremely interesting for me. I know Ali must’ve felt the same way- an education for our ’09 asses.

Really interesting to see common threads from back then, be it throwing in Street Fighter II or the days of dial-up 56k Street Fighter unite people across the globe.

I always enjoy 3 Green Bars, but obviously it is really cool to see the Munta treatment on our own scene. I love the Mortal Kombat trollbit! Man… only in Austrollia.

Good shit sir, and I hope you come down for Shadowloo Showdown 2012! I wanna hear many more stories from you.

Check out Cpt Munta’s Youtube Channel!

And Standing Fierce for the New Zealand scene.

edit: I forgot to mention his Schwarzenegger impression is pretty godlike as well.

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5 Responses to 3 Green Bars Series 3 Episode 1- Melbourne, Australia

  1. skullatornz says:

    And you will be seeing more from him when he get’s back for sure I would say. In the mean time you’ll have to put up with me again filming things at BAM for Munta to potentially use to keep the series hype!

  2. skullatornz says:

    He’s leaving for an extended holiday for over a year. Tell you when I see you.

  3. CptMunta says:

    Hey Mutton 🙂

    Great Blog post man. Was great meeting you and the Melbourne crew.

    Skull has it partly right I’m moving to Germany for a year or since my wife is pregnant with our second child and is due in January! We are going to have the baby in Hamburg and I’m going to continue work as a pavement artist, art teacher, graphic designer over there.

    I will continue 3 Green Bars. I imagine the next series being more Europe based and hope to cover Paris and maybe some more majors over there.

    Keep up the awesome work man, love the work you guys do.

    Catch IRL in the future. Melbourne is too cool of a city for me to stay away from for too long 😀


    • muttonhead says:

      Yo Munta!

      Ah I see, that makes things more clear now. Well a year in Germany sounds awesome! All the best with the move and your wife’s pregnancy, and more Europe 3 Green Bars definitely sounds great as well.

      Incidentally, are you going to teach your kids fighting games? I wonder if the “soccer dad” syndrome extends to fighting games. I have a feeling that’s what I probably would become 😛

      Cheers and take care man. We would love to have you back anytime!

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