So that annoying button whenever I log into my blog saying “Upgrade your blog to a .com domain” has been bugging me for a couple of years now.

Being a cheap asian bastard, I’ve always thought; well nobody is paying for me for this. And the limited functions of the free wordpress interface serves me pretty well. So why pay money for something I don’t need?

But I finally decided to give it a try. It’s less than twenty bucks. And I’ve never had a domain to call my own before. What the hell.

I’ll still do things exactly the way I do them now- I just finally clicked the button.

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9 Responses to .com

  1. EXC355UM says:

    Your site is 5000x better now and I don’t know why! 😀

  2. Somniac says:

    top 8s and .coms now!

  3. waterfall says:

    Being a srub Mutton Butchery. That has a nice ring to it…

  4. Kyle says:

    That picture of Carnage is amazing.

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