That extra 50k

I have been playing my team for a while now, and there’s something I’ve been thinking about for more than a month now.

My specific issue with my team is that when I do my basic Doom full screen wall carry combo, (basically double footdive, land, tridash H OTG x3), it does around 750k. And when I DHC into Spencer, I get about 950k plus with the OTG grapple after bionic maneuvers and down zip armour piercer extender.

Which is quite good because the combo builds about 1.6-1.7 bars of meter, so when I get the first hit into the game I can TOD that annoying motherfucker Wolverine.

But unfortunately the combo falls 50k short of killing public enemy number one: Wesker. Quite often I find myself hitting Wesker to start the game and immediately feel depressed about it, because I know my combo is going to fall just short of killing him. And I cannot begin to count the number of times that extra 50k has come back to haunt me as that Wesker escapes, and comes back to Dark Wesker me later.

So I’ve become obsessed with hitting that one million mark recently. I’ve been trying to optimise my combo to get closer to that mark, but with little success. I can get 770k, 780k, by really squeezing in a few hits here and there, but that still falls short of the million mark when I DHC.

Midscreen onwards and closer to the corner, it’s no problem hitting that mark, I can get 800k plus with Doom easily, and when I DHC into Spencer I get the one million. But ideally I want to TOD Wesker from anywhere on the screen. (I know, I know. Eventually I will learn the Mariodyne variants that do 1 mill in the corner solo, and 900k midscreen. Eventually.)

So imagine my joy when Fiddlestix posted on SRK, a viable way to get an up grapple after bionic maneuvers!

Now as most people know, Spencer’s up grapple does unscaled 80k damage, and is the key to his incredible damage.

Take my basic corner combo (which is basically lifted from Stark’s godlike Spencer combo thread in SRK:

cL cM H S, sj M dfZip delayed H land up grapple, Bionic bomber M H S up grapple, dash back tkM grapple S forward zip df zip land up grapple, call doom hidden missiles assist to OTG, up grapple, S up grapple, Bionic maneuvers, OTG H grapple.

That does near 1.1 million for just one bar. And if you do the math: (5 x 80k), 400k of the damage comes from the up grapples alone.

So Fiddlestix’s method of getting the up grapple after the Bionic maneuvers: OTG H grapple, df zip, bf zip, up grapple, adds that all-important unscaled 80k hit to my combo, and kicks it definitively over 1 million! Yesss. Death to Wesker.

So when that came out last week, I was so happy, and I was immediately trying to do it at Couchwarriors. It’s relatively simple as well, and even though I only spent 20 minutes on it in training room before Couchwarriors, I was able to get it most of the time.

Then I went back and starting thinking. Since the grapple places them back in the corner, can’t I use my Doom missiles to extend the combo with two more up grapples? Wouldn’t that make a simple DHC from a throw or a shitty damage Ammy counter combo do insane damage?

So I tested it out. And Fiddlestix released another video above that elaborates on this very concept.

So here’s some math:

Off a very common opener, Doom forward throw to start the round, dash up tri dash OTG M S, double foot divex3 does 615k.

After I add the Spencer DHC, and the triple up grapples extender, I get 1100k, sans the last OTG grapple or one more Bionic Maneuvers. 1100k for two bars off a throw! (throws normally severely scale the combo, yay for unscaled 80ks.)

My normal wall to wall combo with Doom does 770k. Plus Bionic Maneuvers and triple up grapples I get 1237k for two bars.

Or off a corner normal throw with Spencer, doing something like OTG H grapple, S, armour piercer, bionic maneuvers does 441k. If you do OTG H grapple into Fiddlestix’s up grapple extender, and call Doom for two more up grapples into maneuvers you get 640k.

So the math is 1237k -750k= 487k from the Spencer section alone which is Bionic Maneuvers, OTG H grapple, dfzip, bf zip up grapple, call hidden missiles, Up grapple, S up grapple. Finish with OTG H grapple or another bionic maneuvers if you desire.

The triple up grapples themselves already do 240k by themselves.

That basically means DHCing into Spencer is like hitting your opponent with a level 3’s worth of damage…for one bar.

The caveat is that to get triple up grapples, it has to be done on a character that hidden missiles OTGs, so it won’t work on some small characters. But that’s fine, most small characters generally have lower life, so it wouldn’t matter for them anyway. And the single up grapple extender works on everybody!

So you’re playing low damage characters like Trish or Ammy? Doing less than 600k with your shitty combos or off air throws? No problem…just add Spencer!

All you need to do is hit around 520-530k plus, just DHC into Spencer, and you can TOD Wesker too!

Yeah baby.

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3 Responses to That extra 50k

  1. NefeliousG says:

    Spencer is ridiculous. That 80k unscaled damage puts him into the S tier rank with Zero.

    • muttonhead says:

      Yo Tom! I think Spencer’s damage is definitely S tier, but he lacks the mobility, unchallengable normals, X-factor buster counter and mixup potential that Zero does IMO. Maybe top five, but definitely not as good as Zero.

      But I guess it really does seem that a lot of the top players are jumping on the Spencer bandwagon, Yipes, PR Rog etc.

      • NefeliousG says:

        I don’t think he is as good as zero, but he can one touch kill everyone and when backed by the right assists it is pretty hard to keep him out. I rank him 2nd or 3rd behind Zero and possibly behind Vergil, with Wesker coming in at 4th. That rounds off the S rank for my list, possibility of maybe Viper and Mags getting up there.

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