Ryu vids from Evolution 2012

Time to study up.

Salty Suites

Laugh vs ElivePro Qanba Dakou

iPeru vs ElivePro Qanba Dakou

Laugh vs ElivePro Qanba Dakou

TH|Poongko vs LapchiDuong

PR Rog vs ElivePro Qanba Dakou

RZR Latif vs ElivePro Qanba Dakou

Infiltration vs Laugh

MOV vs Laugh

Dakou vs Infiltration

Stream videos

EVO 2012 Top 16 – Daigo Umehara (Ryu) vs Gamerbee

EVOLUTION 2012 – Pools MCZ Daigo vs Woolie

EVOLUTION 2012 – Pools MCZ Daigo vs DR-Ray

EVOLUTION 2012 – Quarterfinals MCZ Daigo vs RPD Alex Smith

EVO 2012 Top 32: Daigo Umehara (Ryu) vs Hsien Chang

EVO 2012 Top 8: Daigo Umehara (Ryu) vs Infiltration

EVO 2K12 SSF4 Xiao Hai vs MCZ Daigo Umehara

EVOLUTION 2012 – Pools eLive Qanba Dakou vs Kazunoko

[EVO 2012 SSFIV AE] eLive Qanba Dakou (Ryu, Fei Long) vs Mike Chow (Abel)

EVOLUTION 2012 – Pools John Choi vs Richard Nguyen

EVOLUTION 2012 – TOP 32 John Choi vs Dogura

EVO 2012 John Choi (Ryu) Vs Richard Nguyen (Adon)

EVO 2012 Quarter Finals – John Choi vs Mr Naps (My favourite match, love Choi’s fireball game.)

EVOLUTION 2012 – TOP 32 Hori Sako vs LU Alex Valle

EVOLUTION 2012 – Pools MCZ Tokido vs Eric Hai

 Bonus UMVC3 videos: Doom Masters

MarlinPie vs Mame Spider

BT Clockwork vs FRB Mame Spider EVO 2012

EVO 2012 – UMVC3 Pools – BT Clockwork Issack

EVO 2012 – Jan vs. BT Clockw0rk

Evo 2012 Pools TA Frutsy vs Marlin Pie


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2 Responses to Ryu vids from Evolution 2012

  1. Echo says:

    A sore RYU can still be dangerous.

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