2012 is finally done

In terms of the fighting game calender – for me, at least.

I’m actually really glad to see the end of BAM. This month alone I travelled to Brisbane for Buttonsmash, had to help with running BAM two weeks later, and I’m also moving house all in the same month. It has been a really long year and it has been very enjoyable, but I think I might be all Street Fightered out.

I was telling Spoony last night that I was so looking forward to taking a break from the community/organisational stuff. And please don’t take this as a whinge, because I know that plenty of people that put in much more work into the community than me are still going strong. Guys like Ali, Chris Ho, Bosslogic, Burnout, Loki, Berzerk, Bugs and so many other guys that sink so much time into the community. (Well, I guess from that list Loki is stepping down as CW president too.)

I’m just saying that personally for me, I’m a bit burnt out, and am looking forward to a bit of a break.

I’m not sure if taking a break means that I will finally get to play some non-fighting game games. Like maybe Star Ocean 4? Something good. Something that I will enjoy. I’m so out of touch with the rest of the gaming world… (Also, I’m a noob, but can you run something like Star Ocean 2 on a phone? I got this idea when watching Andrew play games on his S3.)

The only other game I have on me, Arkham City, is not capturing my attention. And basically the only game I picked up and played all the way through this year was Dark Souls. So yeah, maybe take a break and do other stuff… Watch more Alena Hemkova. Play some more guitar. Definitely catch up on my reading.

Or maybe taking a break means doing less TO stuff and focusing more on being a player. My game has really fallen off in AE, and my progress in Marvel is quite inconsistent. So ironically yeah, maybe my “break” will just mean doing less fighting game stuff…to play more fighting games. If that makes sense.

GGs to everybody, and thank you guys for a great (and tiring) 2012.

edit: Never mind- I’m already back in training room.

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4 Responses to 2012 is finally done

  1. waterfall@hotmale.com says:

    Thank care.
    Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Somniac says:

    You placed real high at BAM AE how is that your game dropping off 😛

    • muttonhead says:

      It’s just the small size of the bracket- I won three games in winners’ bracket and got ninth. And I played real real shit in losers’ bracket. Re-watching myself against Heavy makes me wanna stab my eyes with a chopstick. Walk forward into everything like a blind beaver. And 1 out of 8 anti-air uppercuts -_-

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