I wrote something for something part II and BAM5 thank yous


Finally BAM is over. I for one am very happy that is over. Because that means I can start practicing like crazy again. And that means hopefully I will stop sucking big, hairy donkey balls.

BIG Thanks to the following people: Loki, Berzerk, Spoony, Chris Ho, Ali, Rory, Kevin, Bugs, Gabneto, Felix, Mike the TV, Dan Richards, Baraa, Phil, ZG, Woody, Huy, Andy, Brad, Colin, Kyle, Kieran, Cyrus, Borgie and most of all- the two buff Smash dudes who showed up on Friday to help move around those motherfucking huge CRTs. Thanks to everyone who helped out at BAM, and the Couchmobile. Thanks to all the interstaters who came down to make a hype tournament, and thank you Baxter for teaching me so much Spencer stuff. (And giving me hope when I should probably drop the sandbag Spencer and learn Magneto like I should have six months ago.) Thanks to Johnny for Ryu whispering.

Big thanks to the Shadowlogic crew- we couldn’t have done it without you, and I know packing up all the gear at HQ and putting it back in must’ve been a huge pain. Don’t feel that the work you was not appreciated, I for one fucking appreciate it. Big thanks to Bugs and all the stream crew too.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to stop by and chat, and thanks to all the people who organized social activities and dinners- I actually had the time to participate for once and it was hella fun.

I had so much fun during the Marvel and AE top 8. Marvel especially…man. A combination of “What The Fuck Just Happened” and “My balls just dropped” and “Mike don’t drop it, don’t drop it, don’t drop it…” What a roller coaster ride. Xavier just straight out grabbing that Rapid Slash. Daichi and his showmanship. Stef and his to the frickin’ wire match with Baxter. And Baxter the BEAST!

Thanks everybody, I really appreciate it, I hope you guys enjoyed BAM too.






P.S. Shoutouts to Alicia, aka Not Bronwyn. The dream is dead. But another love story starts afresh…

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