How to Throw Hadoukens by John Choi

From Alex Valle’s twitter.

My idol ❤

On a more serious but yet comical note; I’ve once overheard people say: “Muttons thinks he’s John Choi or something, so I simply hold Bingo and sit there waiting for him to throw bad fireball after bad fireball and murder him really quickly.”


I am a flawed and unimaginative imitation.

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2 Responses to How to Throw Hadoukens by John Choi

  1. DaBeast says:


    Does Ryu have an air hurricane kick vortex after a hard knockdown?

    • muttonhead says:

      It’s not really a “vortex” like an Akuma vortex per se, but it’s more like a two choice. The crossup air tatsu you can primarily use to beat autocorrect DPs, but it only does 90 damage and knocks them too far away for any further pressure, so I think it should be used sparingly (unless you have super.)

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