Phil & Muttons vs Bosslogic: Bison vs Ryu Kumite!+ SS2k13 stuff

Argh so busy!

As I’m sure you guys know, SS is next week and I have a crap ton of stuff to do. As a result I haven’t really had much time to practice or update here in the last month or so.

Check out the sweet poster/graphics Dave has been making for SS.

SSposterSStitanI liked the poster so much I put it up in my office, right next to my “old man staring at a twenty year old’s ass” poster than I had to cover partially with a Simpson’s poster. (Don’tgetfireddon’tgetfired.)

ssposterinofficeOne of the things I’ve been busy with is updating the SS2k13 Special Guests page.

But you know what, you don’t have to read that, just watch the trailer!

And finally, last Saturday I had the chance to just sit down and play, and managed to record a set with Dave and Phil.

Since me and Phil both have long struggled against Bison, we thought we would have a mini-kumite against Dave’s Bison to see how our approaches differ against Bison, and to see what we are doing wrong and what we can improve in.

Going in my main goal was to not let Dave focus thru my fireballs as much as he does usually, and to not get hit by EX scissors. I think I didn’t have to be so scared of his EX scissors range though. I could’ve walked a bit closer and thrown fireballs a bit because the actual effective range of EX scissors to pass through fireballs is maybe just over half screen only. Especially if I throw mostly jab fireballs which allows me to block in time, as he has to wait to the fireball to be quite close to him before he can scissors through. Also my anti-air was a bit suspect, as usual. Need more far standing roundhouse on some of those jump-ins and I shouldn’t be letting anything from the air touch my Ryu.

But! I had another epic choke again. I was actually on set point, on the verge of finally beating Dave in a set the first time in four years. And I did a “Muttons” yet again throwing it all away zzz. So close and yet so far…

Edit: Also, my SS2k13 article for Dusty Cartridge is up.

dcss2k13Like a fucking idiot I messed up the online rego deadline and didn’t get it up in time zzz. But please criticise/comment, let me know what I did wrong and what I can improve on.

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1 Response to Phil & Muttons vs Bosslogic: Bison vs Ryu Kumite!+ SS2k13 stuff

  1. waterfall says:

    Nice SS article.
    Beware of Makoto!

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