Daichi Dissects!




Man this one was tough to get done before Buttonsmash. But I slogged away at it all night and day and now it’s done, so I can breathe easy and look forward to the weekend, and enjoy the tournament.

I definitely could’ve used more AE practice this week, but it’s alright. Also, listening to the video again, the first background track I used sounds to me a bit like porn music. Oh well 😛

This episode is a bit of a special one, departing from the usual format to be more of an analysis show, Daichi breaking down and talking about the mental composition, the games/playstyles of certain Marvel players in Australia. This one was actually his idea, I guess stemming from his love of theory fighter and technical discussion, which I’ve always enjoyed with him.

Daichi would’ve made an interesting Don’t be a Scrub interview, I think picking his brain about the intricacies of Marvel would’ve yielded many interesting insights. But for now, I hope people enjoy and find the episode of Daichi Dissects interesting.

Now! Who to shoot in Queensland…hmm….


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