Community: The Australian FGC Episode 5 and 6 feat. Aaron “Tulf” Costello and Weng “CoolzInferno” Choe + How I Got Bodied By Weng (again)



Buttonsmash was a blast man. I got to meet up with all the FGC dudes, all the HAMsters from QLD like Hari, Jake, Baxter, Tom, Tyrone, Marc, Colin, Glassy, and the various guys from all over the country like A1, Weng, Reese, Alucard, Arnold, Aaron, Adric and got to spend time with my Melb dudes like Rossco, Duy, ZG, Andrew, Bun, Xavier, Albert, Steve, Daniel etc. I found out especially that Duy (Phero) is a hell of a funny dude. The comedy duo of him and Rossco made my trip that much more enjoyable.

I got to lug around my camera stuff all day- I didn’t really get to play much casuals, but it’s cool,  I filmed enough for five episodes so it was well worth the effort.

Xavier bloody took a picture of me half passed out in my chair holding my camera tripod between my legs…

I got to shoot many old dudes bowling lawn balls and shit, their white uniforms really standing out in the heathen activity that was an FGC tournament amidst the spattering sound of Sanwa.

I got to eat all-you-can-eat ribs for $35.

I got to visit the awesome House of Ham. With a big living room with multiple setups, and you can just literally walk out and turn left into a servo, a Korean place and a Japanese grill place…the perfect gamer house man.

I got to meet Aaron aka Tulf and the dude is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the FGC. Even though Shadowloo aren’t very active in the FGC anymore, it’s quite cool to see the inspirational effect they’ve had on even TOs within Australia. I dunno if they’ve been watching the series, but I think it might make them feel pretty good about their work and legacy. I wish they’d watch Aaron’s episode eventually and hear the words he had to say about them.

And actually Aaron- you can be an inspiration to us this time. The Melbourne scene’s kind of fallen into a deep funk now, and if you could reinvigorate the QLD scene like you did, we can take that to heart and try to do the same here in Melbourne. Thank you for your hospitality in Brisbane man, and to all of Queensland for their hard work/hospitality.

Ah Weng. The Super Beng. You crack me up all the time. And I only wish I had a second mic so I could’ve captured all the laughter you got from everyone watching the interview (and my constant giggling). This dude crushed my mind and soul and knocked me into losers’ my very first match of AE at Buttonsmash.

Funny thing was- the day before everyone was hyping the two of us up for a FT5 exhibition at Buttonsmash. And I, being the typical stream wuss I am, wasn’t having any of it. (Weng and I have a history. When we were roommates at the first Buttonsmash, he beat me with some Juri shenanigan and proceeded to pop off vigorously on me. I wasn’t upset at all, just kind of surprised that my own roommate would pop off on me! ET TU, BRUTE?)

And we played casuals the day before and I did pretty good against his Adon. Probably thanks to my Adon practice in Melbourne against Ricecooker and Felix. So I started talking to him; yo why don’t you whip out your Juri? Because that’s what you gave me the most trouble with last time in Adelaide.

And he went, No it was my Adon that was doing well. (Basically Weng remembered it wrong.)

I just shrugged, and later on that night, hilariously, I got Rossco and Duy to give me some sets vs. Juri, because it turned out with all the last-minute bracket changes my first match of the day would be vs. Weng after all!

I truly suck against Juri, so it was good training. (But it was all in vain. Weng laughed his ass off when I told him what had happened.)

Basically Weng beat me with Adon, there was no Juri in play at all.

I played super horrible, I walked forward to challenge him at mid-range when he didn’t have anti-fireball Ultra, I got hit by no joke- eight jaguar kicks in a row. We had a hype moment because we had a double KO, but in reality I just fimbled my crossup tatsu and should have probably taken that first game anyway…

Weng owns my soul in Weng “crazyHAMYOLO” mode. My weakness is getting mind-fucked, and he fucked my mind up pretty good.

Eventually, in the very last round, I got him into the corner, did jump in MP, he got hit by the second hit and I went into clp clp chp. I wanted to be emphatic because I was mentally tortured and wanted the end the combo with max damage, with an emphatic Fierce DP.

It whiffed.

He woke up, and DP FADCed into Ultra for the win.

I hated myself so, so, so much.

I could’ve done LK tatsu into DP, EX tatsu/fireball maybe, anything!! Anything would’ve better than a dumbass Fierce DP.

That painful moment when I saw the DP fly up in the sky will be seared into my memory forever.

In the end I did get my runback with Weng, and I finally realised he didn’t have anti-fireball Ultra, so I just walked back into safe fireball range and fireballed like a motherfucker. And won the match much easier.

Such a dumbass.

But it was good to finally capture Weng on camera, and as expected he said a lot of wacky Weng-esque things. My only camera problem all weekend was a lack of pop-offs capturing. I would set up my camera, and film seven minutes of a match, and nothing would happen and I would get bored and turn it off. I turn back around and the dude’s done a fantastic comeback and popping off vigorously in his opponent’s face. Doh. This happened with Baxter’s Spencer comeback on Tom.

My success rate of pop-off capture at BS was like 2%. Need to work on that creeper skills!

Buttonsmash recap and results here:

Gonna be a busy few weeks for me to finish up the Buttonsmash episodes with the BAM planning, but I hope to see you guys at BAM!

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6 Responses to Community: The Australian FGC Episode 5 and 6 feat. Aaron “Tulf” Costello and Weng “CoolzInferno” Choe + How I Got Bodied By Weng (again)

  1. waterfall says:

    I guess you can’t win them all…

    (Match starts at 17:00)

  2. waterfall says:

    Have we ever got Daigo or PR Balrog come to Melbourne?

  3. muttonhead says:

    Daigo’s been to Sydney twice (once when Shadowloo Showdown was on, what a troll) but not Melbourne. And I don’t think Pr Rog’s been to Oz.

  4. waterfall says:

    Kara DP~ Never whiff ever again!

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