Super Turbo Saturdays

I’m really digging this new series by Seb and Damdai.

Super Turbo is a game very close to my heart. Primarily because I never really knew how to play it when I was a kid. I only knew how to throw fireballs, and I only found out how to do a dragon punch when I was 18!

I also remember playing Super SF II: The New Challengers on SNES and wondering why the fuck I couldn’t execute a super no matter what input I tried.  It’s Super Street Fighter II right?!? That’s how much of a scrub I was.

I remember  as a kid, watching people play ST at the arcades and getting my mind blown by low forward fireball (you can do that?!?!), SPDs and Supers. (At that time I thought the motion for an SPD had to be like up down up down left left right a b select start.)

So I always wanted to be just like those guys at the arcade and always really wanted to learn the game. And with SF4 really bringing me into the fighting game scene, I’ve finally taken the time to slowly teach myself ST by playing HD remix on the side. (I know, I know.) Videos like Seb and Damdai’s are exactly what I want to watch, and I find them very, very interesting. (Especially the T Hawk video.) Great work guys, and I hope the series will run for a long time.

Now that Marvel is out, learning ST might take a back burner to things for now. But I think I will try to continue to learn ST no matter however slowly it might take me, hopefully for the next ten years.

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