Patrick and Poongko, CPS2 and Viewtiful Joe

Patrick aka Phatkau, the best Honda player in Melbourne is currently in Korea right now. And of course he visits the famous cafe [ID] and enters a tournament against the likes of Infiltration, Poonko and Laugh. It’s a great read and I recommend you guys have a look:

My favourite part was this part:

“So even though South Korea has the most amazing broadband network (it seriously does – fuck 3G, how does national wide wifi sound??)”


Here’s a small excerpt as well:

“The next team we went up against was Worldclass (Poongko/Zerstin). This time my teammate went first against Zerstin’s Honda, who took my teammate out. Needless to say, I was pretty pumped to play against Poongko. Some highlights I remember: managed to get his Seth into the corner and kept him there, getting me the first round which hyped up the crowd quite a bit. The second round ended up being very close, with both of us around 15-20% life. I remember getting him knocked down into the corner again and I should have just kept my space and held back a bit, because I went in on his wakeup and it didn’t work, so he took the 2nd round. The 3rd round? I got bodied, and it was horrible lol. Please refer to one of the Poongko video’s out there on opponents being rush-pounded with Seth mixups, getting dizzied and so forth for a similar experience to the one I had.”

Big props to Patrick for a entertaining and very informative read.

And the second part of the post is about a Viewtiful Joe combo video made by Iso and CPS2!

CPS2 used to help me so much on the Ozhadou blog, and it’s great to see that he’s been putting his time after stepping down from the team to great use. I’ve always loved Viewtiful Joe, and maybe I might think about dropping Ammie for Joe now.

Great work guys.

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