Dr. Sub-Zero is BACK!

Oh my goodness. When I first saw Shogo’s comment my first thought was; this can’t be real.

Then I watched an episode…and holy hell, the Ask Dr. Sub-Zero show is back!

It must be the upcoming release of Third Strike online, or whatever it is, I hope the show never goes away.

I was listening to the show at work and was laughing my ass off. I am also gonna download the video version of the podcast just to see if the pictures of Charlie’s ex-girlfriend are uncensored in that one.

Another thing that was interesting is that they were answering questions from back in 2008, this is like some time machine movie or some shit. Really interesting to see how time has changed so many things since the last Dr Sub-Zero show.

This just made my day, and I know it will make Igor’s day as well.

You guys have a lot of fans down here in Australia especially from the Third Strike players, so don’t stop putting out new shows!

Check out the show at http://www.youtube.com/user/AskDrSubZero

And their twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/AskDrSubZero

Edit: It IS uncensored. Thank God for Rockefeller!

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4 Responses to Dr. Sub-Zero is BACK!

  1. Shogo says:

    Wow thanks for spreading the word! It feels weird being away for over 3 years and still see people talk about our old podcasts & ranbats. We just finished our new episode last night with special guests Sanchez, Amir & C-Royd. Tell Igor that everyone at the Dr. Sub-Zero show says hi and huge thanks to the Australian SF scene for their support 🙂

    • muttonhead says:

      It just shows the huge impact your show had on people, even years later and all the way across the world in Australia. Yesss, can’t wait to listen to the new episodes, and in my opinion, not enough people are spreading the word about the Dr Sub-Zero show being BACK!!

      Igor is an extremely happy man, as a matter of fact, I think he’s too buttered to even comment on the subject!

    • SpiderCarnage/Igor says:

      I can’t believe it! It’s really back! Thank you so much Shogo! I love the Dr. Sub-Zero show it’s one of the most creative and just off the wall insane podcasts that I have ever listened to. I love the raw atmosphere and I hope you guys continue to produce shows until I am a creepy perverted old man. Keep up the excellent work I can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. SHOGO!!!!! Good stuff Dr. Sub Zero is indeed back

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