my worst nightmare







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7 Responses to my worst nightmare

  1. Jpage says:

    Even Nash knows where it’s at
    Fo shizzle

    • muttonhead says:

      Rub it in Zhen Wei…I’m so sad right now you can’t even imagine…

      • muttonhead says:

        The irony…the best teammate and unselfish playmaker in the league on the same team with one of the biggest ballhogs in league history…

        • Jpage says:

          He makes ball hogging look good lol (half the time) unlike Melo
          Oh, if Lakers make a Bynum for Howard trade, I think the team will implode on itself

          Anyway, I’m hope Knicks match rockets’ offer for Lin
          So he can get mentored by Kidd

  2. Jpage says:

    Another obligatory Kobe/Lakers post!
    Kobe starting SG for Dream Team v2012

    • muttonhead says:

      Noooo rub more salt into my wounds why don’t you… Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe some Angolan point guard will blow out Kobe’s ACL with a crossover.

      • Jpage says:

        For that to happen, you’d have to assume he’s actually gonna try defending

        Argh Knicks, why you get Camby?!

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