Testing my Avermedia LGP! Spencer BnBs and tech Part 2

Now as you might have noticed from part 1, I always aim for my Spencer combos to hit one million damage. This is because I really, really hated Wesker in early Ultimate and Vanilla and made sure to always hit that vital checkpoint: Death to Wesker.

This is pretty much just finishing up all the stuff I wanted to upload yesterday.

Spencer Corner BnB

There’s two combos in this video. The first one is just me demonstrating that I can hit one million meterless (DTW) with Spencer in the corner, but I have to substitute my usual S jM dfZip falling H land up grapple with S jH dfZip falling H up grapple which is harder to do, but is more damaging. In tournament I simply stick with the second combo and the jM variant which is really easy to do and does decent damage.

Spencer air throw corner to corner combo

This is the ugly stepchild of my combo family and is the one I want to optimise because it’s the only one that doesn’t do one million damage even with two bars. I want to get it over one million somehow and need to tinker with it a bit. Death to Wesker!

Spencer easy command grab corner to corner ToD combo with 1 or 2 assists

You can substitute the cMH after the command grab with a sLM if you want, I personally find the LM easier on characters such as Dormammu.

Spencer easy ToD corner ground throw combo

Kind of silly corner instant jump H overhead combo I made

Obviously only works on the middle-largish characters that can be hit by instant jumping H when they are crouching.


P.S. A lot of my stuff are simply derivations of Adelheid Stark or Duck Strong’s stuff.

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