Muttons vs Joey Nguyen UMVC FT50 at Shadowlogic 05/06/13

So finally I have successfully recorded a set!

I seldom get to watch myself play Marvel because a) I suck and seldom make it far enough in the tourneys to get any stream time and b) I normally tend to shy away from the stream anyway.

So while I’ve had a fair few AE matches to watches from last year’s BAM and OHN due to doing better than usual in tournament, I haven’t really had any of my own UMVC3 matches to watch in the last year.

So thanks to my spiffy Avermedia LGP I was able to record me vs. Joey at Shadowlogic today. Joey was rocking his Chris, Storm, Vergil team. (He is known for his Jill, however the setup we were playing on today had no DLC characters, so that might’ve affected the score a bit.)

I kind of wish I had recorded my AE set today, with Ricecooker (Kon) where I feel I actually played quite well. I played a clean Ryu today, grounded and incisive. I still had some niggling issues with anti-airs but I felt like I played pretty good and learned a lot of things today thanks to Kon coaching me in the Adon matchup.

In my Marvel set on the other hand I feel I played quite horrible. I dropped a lot of combos, especially in the clutch and made a lot of bad decisions. I know I’m still not as confident in Marvel as in AE, but I felt I played quite bad in this set. I also feel I lost concentration as the set went on and did a lot of autopilot mixups. I think Marvel really takes it out of me, and I lack the stamina to maintain an edge over a truly long set.But I suppose in self-reviewing your matches you can make more progress watching yourself struggle and make mistakes rather than say watching yourself play with confidence? We’ll see.

I haven’t watched the matches in detail yet and hopefully Joey will chip in, but here are some things I remember from my set:

1- Bad movement. I have been practicing my plink dashing the last two weeks but I’m still not 100%. Under duress and frustration from Joey’s zoning I defaulted back to my old wavedash method. I need to keep discipline and train plink dashing into everything I do.

2- I deal with super jumps badly. If you watch the set, a lot of times Joey would just super jump over me with his Chris. I tended to dash back and forth under his landing, and sometimes I would get hits, sometimes he would hit me. The thing I never did was jump up and just air-grab him! Urgh.

3- General inability to deal with up back.

4- Bad habit with Doom, when trying to evade Joey’s incoming character mixups I often air dash up…and once I get over him I immediately footdive down into more danger. I should fly, and zig zag dash over to a safe distance before I come down. In general as the set went on and I got more and more fatigued I footdived a lot more and recklessly to boot.

5- I practiced a lot of kara command grabs in the last two weeks but didn’t use them at all. 😦

6- On a positive note, and this is a particularly bad deficiency of me- I often fail to snap-in the crucial character until it is too late. I am usually too obsessed in completing the combo. But in this set I was very proactive in snapping Vergil in, I’m pleased with my progress in what should be an elementary part of Marvel strategy. I also noticed I fimbled the up grapple into snapback link a lot, I need to specifically practice this link again (I never do.)

More observations/notes to come after I watch this set more closely! All criticisms/comments are welcome.

Post-viewing observations:

1) STOP GETTING HIT BY HELM BREAKERS. Have to chicken block them more.

2) Way too many unsafe forward air zips with Spencer.

3) Need to air grab way more in general.

4) When I roll forward sometimes, grabbing on wakeup would be better then wake up crouch L.

5) Need to use Ammy’s counter more against Helm Breakers. They are really obvious in hindsight.

6) Needs more super jump back air photon shots x4 with Doom. I don’t have to rush in all the time, especially when I should be stalling out X-factor.

7) Need to use Ammy’s glaive instant overhead jump L combo when in X-factor more.

8) Trying to do the H grapple into H reset into command grab seems iffy to do on the second OTG hit of hidden missiles. Perhaps avoid the missiles part or practice the timing?

9) Need to call more missiles.

10) When I do unsafe zips, better to use H instead of S at the end of it as my normal so that I have a chance to tech the air grab.


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2 Responses to Muttons vs Joey Nguyen UMVC FT50 at Shadowlogic 05/06/13

  1. JoeyNewin says:

    1 – I think what I should’ve done in the games which I didnt do, was to snap in Ammy, because I was always trying to kill your damage dealers Spencer and Doom, but my problem I always kept getting hit by them, and so once I kill Amy I take out most of your mix up options.

    2 – I definitely have to work on my combos, especially against real humans, since I mainly practice my combos against a dummy, and I don’t get to play real humans often and I don’t count online, too laggy. I drop way too many combos. So definitely have to work on execution, always had trouble with that.

    3 – Also I don’t think having Jill would’ve made that much difference for me. I’ve only been using Jill, Storm, Vergil for 3 weeks. And since its a rush down team, that’s something I’m going to have to get use to, because I’ve always been a zoning player for Marvel.So I need to work on my team in general…hopes to more setups with Jill.

    4 – My advice for you Muttons is not to get hit by Helm Breakers, I was abusing it, because you weren’t learning from it enough, just like I didn’t learn not to press a button when snapped, even when you don’t have 2 bars. But yeh, once you improve your defence and your mix-ups improve just a bit more, you can’t definitely give a top tier player a run for their money with your touch of death combos.

    Post-Viewing Observation
    Part 1 – 1:01:55 = PERFECT 😀

  2. muttonhead says:

    1- Yeah snapping in Ammy really screws my team up. Baxter was telling me I have to become more of a Spencer-Missiles player rather than a Spencer-Cold Star player. I have been trying to force myself to use missiles more but in match I often fall back into old, bad habits and call Cold Star all the time when I should be calling missiles.
    4- 100% correct. Oh my god. All the freaking Helm Breakers. So many of them…they all hit me. So painful to watch.

    Thanks for the feedback Joey! I think you got used to my predictable and meager mixups by the end of the set.

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