Life goal #1 achieved:

choi3It’s funny.

Because I am a hateful, spiteful human being, months before EVO I would say to everybody in Melbourne that would listen:

“Man. I hope Daigo gets his hipster Evil Ryu blown up by a Ryu player at EVO. And I hope John fucking Choi’s the man who does it.”

I would say with furious and righteous anger.

I almost never get my way. My dreams are never realised. I’ve learned to not expect much when I hope for something.

But hey…

Even the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days.



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4 Responses to Life goal #1 achieved:

  1. skullatornz says:

    Mate.. I have the exact same type of personality when it comes to offline SFIV.
    I told some of my closer friends that if infiltration made top8 and used Chun in a single matchup as a counter pick, I would be salty until the next evo. But then seeing OhNuki’s chun rocking all the Vanilla technology so early in the stream had me all motivated again! hahaha.

    And man, seeing Daigo sell his soul to beat Valle.. only to have ‘Young John’ rock him at Street Fighter II with some of the most clutch towards fierces I’ve ever seen in my life.. and dropped SFIV vanilla execution.. I would put money on the fact that Daigo will be unhappy for months due to the nature of his losses… literally, poetry to me as somebody who doesn’t really care much for shoto types haha.

    Hope you two are both well!

  2. waterfall says:

    Daigo knows the match-up

    Source: Hong Kong Event on Jul 27, 2014

  3. LawK says:

    Air Ryu in JP

  4. muttonhead says:

    Thanks man, I gotta watch this. I did see Air however talking about how hard it was in the Japanese arcade with Ryu, and that he’s switching to Poison…

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